New Fire & Safety Technician Vacancy

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RFS St. Lucia Ltd
Job Title: Fire & Safety Technician
Department: Fire & Safety
Reports To: Manager
SUMMARY: To assist in Installation, Servicing and Repair of Fire Equipment including Fire Extinguishers, Fire Suppression Systems and any other related lines currently sold by the Company in order to complete jobs to the satisfaction of the customer.
Will assist the senior technician / supervisor with installations and repairs to the above mentioned systems as directed and on a timely basis and in a manner that would not require any RE-WORK by the senior technician.
Will ensure that all work required documents are properly completed and passed on to the senior technician / supervisor for sign off.

Will ensure that all safety practices and policies of the company as directed by the supervisor are adhered to and that all required safety equipment supplied will be secured and used as required.
Will be able to work after-hours and on the weekends and/or public holidays if required by the customer.
Will assist sales and other staff in site surveys/assessments and will provide technical advice and recommendations for the design of solutions to meet customer needs.
Will inform administration in a timely manner, when stock of service parts and other consumables used in the regular performance of duties, fall below minimum levels so as to allow adequate time for replenishment.
Will participate in all in – house training programs as scheduled by the company.
Will execute other duties as may be assigned from time to time.
Ensure that the vehicle and tools used to carry out your job function in the field are in a satisfactory condition and if there are any issues report them to your immediate supervisors.
Collaborate with the Service / Support Coordinator, Service Supervisor & Assistant Service Manager pertaining to scheduled daily jobs to ensure successful completion.
Give full support to the Assistant Service Manager, Support Coordinator and Service Supervisor as require.

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