Marigot Beach Club & Dive Resort – Security Officers/Ferry Drivers no later than January 30th 2019

Marigot Beach Club & Dive Resort – Security Officers/Ferry Drivers
Hotel Security Duties and Responsibilities Hotel security’s duties and responsibilities can vary depending on the location of the hotel and the crime rate in the area. However, based on our research of this position, the following responsibilities are usually assigned to hotel security:
Perform Surveillance The bulk of hotel security’s day is filled with patrolling hotel grounds, parking lots, lobbies, restaurants, and hallways. They provide a sense of security to both hotel staff and guests simply by being present. Depending on hotel resources and size, some hotel security may be assigned to a surveillance room, where they monitor the hotel via security cameras.
Maintain Order Hotels that have conference centers or are near conference centers often hold concurrent conferences or conventions. During these times, the hotel experiences a high volume of guests. Hotel security is often expected to maintain order among the different groups of guests.
Report to Supervisors and Management Hotel security is responsible for reporting all suspicious activity to their supervisors or hotel management. Usually, hotel security should report current events in real time through their radio and document events that have already been resolved.
Investigate Disturbances Hotel security must be on call anytime during their shift to investigate disturbances reported by hotel staff and guests. This can include things like excess noise coming from a guest’s room or reports of suspicious people prowling the grounds.
Ferry Drivers Licensed Ferry Drivers Needed.
Applications may be sent to no later than January 30th 2019. Only suitably qualified applicants may be contacted for interview.

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