Crave St. Lucia – Kitchen Assistant Deadline: MAY 20th, 2018

Crave St. Lucia - Kitchen Assistant
CRAVE ASSISTANT (Kitchen Assistant)
Reports to: Crave Master (Head Chef) and Creator (Cook)
Position Summary: Is Responsible for ensuring that the kitchen is clean and operational. Needed in preparing ingredients and in some circumstances required to prepare food products.

Kitchen Assistants Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring the food preparation areas are clean and hygienic.
  2. Washing utensils and dishes, making sure they are stored appropriately if needed.
  3. Storing, sorting and distribution of ingredients
  4. Washing, peeling, chopping, cutting, and cooking food items in order to help prepare certain items.
  5. Cleaning the food preparation equipment, floors , and other kitchen tools or areas
  6. Full awareness of all menu items, their recipes, methods of production and presentation standards
  7. Ensures compliance with food handling and sanitation standards.
  8. Establishing and maintaining effective inter-departmental working relationships.
  9. Personally responsible for hygiene, safety and correct use of equipment and utensils.
  10. Beverage preparation for fresh local juices.
  11. Ability to produce own work in accordance with a deadline and assist in encouraging others in achieving this aim.
  12. Checks periodically expiry dates and proper storage of food items in the section.
  13. Frequently reviews finished products for quality and presentation before orders are sent to guests.
  14. Able to perform additional duties as requested by management and ensures disciplinary standards are met.


  • A desire to learn how to cook
  • High School Diploma or similar
  • 6 months -2 years of experience if possible
  • Proven track record of excellence in similar position
  • Must have good reading, writing and oral communication skills
  • Must be able to stand for long periods and quick on feet
  • Strong personal Hygiene and cleanliness is compulsory
  • Be able to work with a team , have a positive attitude and strong customer service.
Applicants must:
Submit of your resume with 2 professional references
Deadline: MAY 20th, 2018

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