Job Vacancies In St Lucia


  1. Oswald St Pierre

    I believe that this this is a great platform to visit to find available jobs. But on the whatsapp page I see people are using it for other purposes like quarelling at each other and this is not supposed to be at all. Therefore I believe that this should be looked into and measures put in place to curb it.

  2. Raghunath Prasad Chejara

    I am Raghu Chejara working as a mason foreman previous ten year in have suitable vacancy for me.

  3. Raghunath Prasad Chejara

    I have eleven years experience as a mason foreman

  4. Anita Kumari Sharma

    I have an experience in muthootgroup as a customer care executive 2 year 5month

  5. Fran Paul

    A pleasant Good Day to all. Hello Admi istrator, if I may share a suggestion, would it be possible for you to remove the vacancies/job advertisements that have long been or already been expired as they go along? I am asking this because going through the listings and seeing the same advertisements with deadline dates that have already passed tends to become a bit monotonous. Thanks a million and best regards.

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