Vieux Fort South Constituency Council – Supervisor Deadline September 21, 2018.

Vieux Fort South Constituency Council - Supervisor
JOB TITLE: Supervisor
REPORTS TO: Constituency Council Clerk
SUPERVISES: Foreman, Sanitation Workers and Caretakers
  1. Supervise the daily operations of the Sanitation workers, Caretakers and Foreman to ensure the uplifting, beautification and social enrichment of the Constituency.
  2. Reports to the Clerk for the performance of his/her duties.
  1. Monitors the disposal of garbage, silt, offensive material and other solid waste and liaises directly with the Foreman in ensuring the desired level of cleanliness in the constituency is maintained.
  2. Conducts field visits to ensure the desired level of cleanliness is maintained at all Public Facilities.
  3. Conducts field visits to ensure the desired level of cleanliness is maintained throughout the Constituency Boundaries.
  4. Offers advice and guidance to the Clerk and Council on matters of economic and infrastructural development of the Constituency.
  5. Supervises all duties and responsibilities of the Foreman, Sanitation Workers and Caretakers.
  6. Prepares and submits periodic reports of work activities/tasks as stipulated by the Clerk or Council.
  7. Responsible for the daily collection of all revenue from all Public Facilities to remit to the Clerk.
  8. Ensures that the tools and equipment of the Council is maintained in proper working condition at all times.
  9. Attends meetings or discussions in relation to the business of the Council when required to do so.
  10. Performs any other related duties or task as assigned by the Town Clerk for the general maintenance and well being of Town.
  1. Required to provide all necessary tools and equipment to the staff to carry out tasks
  2. Accommodation at Council’s office to carry out task effectively.
  3. Required to work from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. as part of an eight (8) hour work shift and may vary from time to time as assigned by Clerk of Council, but will be no less than forty (40) hours per week.
  4. Compliance with Civil Service Regulations and Guidelines
  5. Wages and allowances are in accordance with the terms stipulated by Government in the Estimate of Expenditure/Trade Union Agreement.
  6. Any and all overtime has to be first approved by the Clerk
  1. Skill and Knowledge of the general sanitary upkeep of the environment.
  2. Extensive skill and knowledge of Plumbing, Masonry, Carpentry and Joinery.
  3. Ability to read and write English and speak Creole fluently.
  4. Must have practical skills and experiences in supervisory role and responsibilities.
  5. Professional understanding of community welfare, a recognized leader, dedicated to the highest quality of customer service.
  6. Must be a mature individual within the age range of thirty (30) years to fifty (50) years.
  7. Portrays a level of professionalism, interpersonal skills and excellent communication skills.
  8. Knowledge of general office operations and office equipment.
  1. Secondary School education with C.X.C. passes in at least five (5) subjects two of, which must be Mathematics and English. At least five years experience working in the private or public sector will be an added advantage.
  2. Must possess a valid driver’s license that is endorsed to drive all classes of vehicles
  3. Good writing and communication skills
  4. Training/Experience in basic supervisory skills.
  1. Report quality as reflected by clarity and Accuracy
  2. Timely completion of reports, meeting deadlines and duties assigned.
  3. Demonstrate a level of professionalism and interpersonal skills.
  4. Ability to handle conflicts that arise in the work place and provide problem solving strategies.
  5. Ability to coordinate activities and programmes to ensure successful completion.
The Vieux Fort South Constituency Council invites suitably qualified persons from the community of Vieux Fort South and Environs to apply for the vacant positions of Supervisor.
CV’s can be emailed to or can also be hand delivered to the Council’s administrative office at Beanfield, Vieux Fort by September 21, 2018.

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