Vacancy for Human Resources Assistant Manager at Coucouks Accounting and Financial Consulting Services Inc. The deadline for submission is December 30th, 2023.

Coucouks Accounting and Financial Consulting Services Inc.
Posting for an experienced Human Resources Assistant Manager candidate for project-based work. The successful candidate will be given projects based on a set budget and is expected to produce deliverables on time and within budget. There is potential for this to develop into a full-time position for the right candidate, for which they will be head of the Human Resouce Department of CAFCS and assist with Human resource management for affiliate companies in the United States.

Job Responsibilities:
● Perform administrative duties, such as maintaining the employee database and sorting emails for the HR department.
● Maintain proper records of employee attendance and leaves
● Assist management in policy formulation, hiring, and salary administration
● Submit online job postings, shortlist candidates, and schedule job interviews
● Coordinate orientation and training sessions for new employees
● Ensure smooth communication with employees and timely resolution to their queries
● Take care of new hire paperwork and logistics – setting up designated workstations, computer logins, email addresses, etc.
● Schedule one-on-one meetings to discuss company policies. Provide employee handbook
● Serve as point person for all new employees’ inquiries
● Schedule training sessions and maintain employee training records
● Assist in resolving employee conflicts
● Support in preparing and managing employee actions and other official documents related to performance improvement, reassignment, suspension, resignation, retirement, and employee exits
● Assist in providing departing employees with check-out documents
● Help in conducting exit interviews or termination meetings as required
● Serve as the point of contact after separation
● Assist in conducting employee surveys
● Handles employee complaints and grievances
● Works with the company’s legal department in preparation of the Notice to Explain and ensures the employee receives it
● Arranges an administrative hearing and documents the minutes of the meeting
● Prepares notice of decision and documentation
● Track and keeps the company’s offense record.
Commensurate: Project-based depending on hourly rate and total hourly budget for each project. Opportunity designed for temp to full-time position based on performance Below are some essential skills and qualifications for HR Assistant Manager candidates:
● Successful candidate must have an associate degree in HR or a related field (bachelor’s degree preferred)
● Candidate must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in an HR role
● Candidate must be familiar with database systems and common HR
● Honest with a high level of integrity and moral compass
● Capacity to handle at least 20 hours of work on-site a week
● Predispose to use applications to research questions and come up with solutions independently
● Attention to detail and adept at reading correspondence in full
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills; telephone etiquette
● Sociable, professional, and team player
● Excellent time management skills and ability to multitask and prioritize work
● Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
● Candidates must demonstrate at least intermediate spreadsheet and word processing skills. In addition, the candidate must be familiar with the key application of G-Suite. If you have no experience with Gmail, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Meet, or similar applications, or if this is the first time you have heard of a majority of these applications, this position will be highly challenging for you, so please give due consideration before applying.
Additional Job information to be considered before applying:
1. The office is a 10-minute walk from a bus stop on the Gros Islet highway.
Walking to the office is an uphill climb. For security reasons, the majority of
work must be done onsite.
2. The majority of work done is for clients in the United States. As such, familiarity
with the United States is an asset.
3. This position is only for persons with human resource management
experience. Please only apply if you have at least three years of human
resource management experience. By extensive, we mean that you have
consistently performed tasks noted in the job description for at least two years
in the last three years.
To apply, send your resume to Please ensure
that your resume highlights your years of HR experience, and please include two references who have supervised you in the past and can attest to your HR
experience. Applicants need this information to be considered.
The deadline for submission is December 30th, 2023.
For questions, please contact us via WhatsApp (347 656 3648) by text or email.

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