International Recruiter Agent

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International Recruiter Agent
(Serious and motivated individuals willing to make an income and be self employed)

Role Summary

As an Authorized Recruiter Agent your role is to get connected to Potential Students (High School and College Students interested in furthering their education) , Potential Recruiter Agents (Individuals who are looking for another source of income and have the ability to be serious and make some good money with their time and social skills.)You will be guided and trained by me and also provided with necessary material to be educated about the University after youre Authorized. You have an apportunity to earn up to any amount based on your effort and dedication. The possibilities are endless and ill be there each step of the way to monitor your progress and assist you by answering any questions.

• Our remuneration package is the fastest way to earn a million-dollar revenue doing
something that you’ll absolutely love. This is 21st Century recruiting. No bags, no papers, no
door-to-door sales pitch.
• The 7-day training is FREE. It’s designed to educate you on the products and provide the
tools you’ll need to succeed in this role.
• The monthly residual income, bonus and commission are extremely attractive
• You can schedule your earning for every fortnight, every month, or every 60 day
• You don’t need any specific qualification to start earning up to US$1,200+
every 30-day.
• Your job is easy! Tell everyone you meet about our accredited suite of international
programs and help them to enroll successfully. You can even make this your full-time work!
• Top performers receive $100 - $1,000 cash-in-hand incentives, free trip for 2 with $500
shopping money, cruise, weekend all-inclusive hotel packages, tuition scholarships, and


•Serious , Motivated individuals
• Can speak and communicate properly
•Thats All !

Highshool and College Students and Adults
(persons who want to further their education at the lowest tuition cost and complete their masters in 24 to 32 months.)


• US High School Diploma - GED
*NB: We offer a GED course to qualify*
• SAT (Score 900)
• Four (4) IGCSE at grades A, B, C & D
• Four (4) CSEC at grades 1, 2 & 3
• Other High School Senior Qualifications
• Level 3 National Diploma (BTEC, City And Guild etc.)
• 25 years and older with three (3) CSEC Subjects
• 3O years and older with five (5) years’ work experience (with assessment conducted of your
work life experiences and demonstrated competencies)
Send your Resume / CV to
OR WhatsApp : 758 7154630 / 758 486 1512 with your name, age , and focus (student or agent or both)

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