St. Jude Hospital of Accounts Receivable Specialist

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Applicants are invited to fill the following vacant position at St. Jude Hospital of Accounts Receivable Specialist
Qualification and Experience:
Applicants must have:
1. Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Economics or Business Administration
2. 3 -5 years’ experience in an Accounting Department would be an asset
3. Experience in Accounts Receivables would be an asset
4. Experience in a healthcare finance environment would be an asset

5. Advanced Diploma in Accounting
6. AAT qualification or the like from a recognized accounting body would be an asset.
Skill, Knowledge and Abilities:
1. Works well with both management and employees, and has excellent planning and organizing skills.
2. Strong managerial and communication skills.
3. Ability to delegate and supervise work.
4. Must have excellent attention to detail and accuracy.
5. Excellent judgment, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.
6. Good mathematical abilities and analytical skills
7. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Excel, Word and Outlook
8. Knowledge of accepted accounting principles and practices
9. Knowledge of Economic Principles
10. Knowledge of Auditing Principles and Practices.
11. Knowledge of and ability to work with established accounting software.
12. Good interpersonal skills for interacting, coordinating and supervising work within the departments.
13. Ability to manage time efficiently and effectively.
14. Ability to work under pressure and tolerate stressful situations

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Manage the hospital's accounts receivable process, including follow-up on outstanding claims, appeals, and denials.
2. Analyze accounts receivable aging reports to prioritize and target accounts for follow-up.
3. Work with patients and insurance companies to resolve payment issues, including incorrect billing, denied claims, and coverage disputes.
4. Provide excellent customer service to patients and insurance companies, including responding to inquiries and resolving payment issues.
5. Ensure the completeness, accuracy and reliability of all revenue and receivables general ledger, sub ledger and cost center data.
6. Review and appeal denied claims, providing supporting documentation and following up with payers to ensure timely and accurate payment.
7. Monitor and analyze accounts receivable performance metrics, including days in accounts receivable and collections.
8. Ensure that all accounting schedules and reconciliations are completed in a timely manner.
9. Prepare and circulate AR reporting dashboards on a monthly basis
10. Drive continuous improvement within the AR function.
11. Stay up-to-date on industry changes and trends related to accounts receivable and revenue cycle management.
Salary will be paid in accordance with the terms stipulated by the Board of St. Jude Hospital in the Estimates of Expenditure commensurate with experience and qualifications for the post.

Applications accompanied by resume and certified certificates should be submitted no later than Friday, August 18th, 2023 and sent to:
Human Resources Department
St. Jude Hospital
P.O. Box 331
St. Lucia
Or email job applications to

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