3H Space Inc. Programs Manager Application Deadline: December 14, 2018

3H Space Inc. is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Programs Manager to manage programming for its Coworking space, Incubator and Accelerator services . This position is located in St. Lucia.



Programs Manager


Successful candidates will possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s

Degree in a relevant technology or business discipline

Evidence of strong organizational, interpersonal and

communications skills

Demonstrated ability to network within the business community

Ability to work with diverse groups including businesses,

entrepreneurs, major corporations, universities, the public and

economic development organizations

Ability to operate as a business professional and an effective

educator, and show evidence of a willingness to fulfill both roles

Strongly desired:

Experience in working with start-ups

Experience in being part of growing company management

team with supervisory experience and being a team player

Technical background with Masters; or bachelor degree in

business with 4 – 6 years experience

Previous record of building strong networks with business


Experience desired in any aspect of small business such banking,

or personally owning and/or operating a commercial venture



Maintain a rapport with clients, mentors, support staff, and

administration as needed to carry out job responsibilities in a

professional manner.


1.Possess the ability to identify and recruit potential clients for the business incubator and accelerator; discerning their readiness to start or expand a business.

2.Possess skills required to instruct and assist clients in the areas of business plan development, market analysis, identification of and process to apply for sources of capital for business development and growth, business tax issues, and laws related to employment issues.

3.Possess skills required to manage landlord/tenant relationships for the Coworking space including structural and operational procedures.

4.Develop and maintain partnerships with other public and/or private organizations which provide business development assistance for the benefit of clients/residents/members.

Essential Job Functions:

1.Facilitate strategic planning for clients/residents/members.

2.Develop informational sessions and programs for clients/residents/members on issues relevant to startup companies.

3.Act as liaison between public and private sectors in application and implementation of business development programs.

4.Establish a professional advisory committee for clients/residents/members. Develop a mentoring relationship between advisory committee and client companies as opportunity allows.

5.Stay current and inform companies of special financing and tax incentives available to business development companies.

6.Keep accurate files and records of each client company and any related correspondence.

7.Keep current on all services of 3H Space in order to cross-sell its services to clients and the public.

8.Promote 3H Space, its programs, and employees at every available opportunity, with specific responsibilities for recruitment and promotion.

Other Responsibilities include:

developing strategic goals and objectives for the client service programs;

assisting in preparing the annual budget;

facilitating the negotiation and structure of client agreements and leases; including the collection of rents and fees;

Perform as a liaison between the clients, businesses and Incubators and Accelerators throughout the region.

assisting in screening issues for attention/action;

monitoring progress of client companies;

establishing linkage for client funding opportunities via venture capital/equity firms and angel networks;

coordinating and planning 3H Space client advisory team and mentor meetings;

assisting in planning and organizing 3H Space events;

coordinating the activities of various committees;

presenting operating results to the CEO;

serving as a primary client interface for 3H Space incubator and accelerator programs;

providing leadership and establishing criteria to monitor program performance;

developing tools and processes for program management and innovation efforts;

managing projects and/or personnel;

working to improve professional capabilities and personal knowledge in incubator and accelerator management by attending workshops and conferences.

Attending Organization meetings as required;

And other duties as assigned by the CEO


Commensurate with qualifications and experience


Kindly send CV and cover letter with two references to: careers@3hspace.com


Application Deadline: December 14, 2018

Selected candidate must be ready to assume duties from January 02, 2019

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