3H Space (St. Lucia) seeks a full-time Lab technician Application Deadline: December 14, 2018

3H Space (St. Lucia) seeks a full-time Lab technician for digital and analog machining. This position is responsible for daily operation of Prototyping lab. Primary facilities covered include CNC routing and digital/analog milling facilities, 3D printers containing multiple professional and prosumer machines, and a laser cutter among others.

The technician will be responsible for leading or facilitating regular equipment maintenance to keep tools in working order and minimize downtime. They will also organize learning resources, create lab use learning materials, and provide orientations to ensure proper safety and procedure training for all users who wish to access the lab. The technician will assist with the organization of lab processes that facilitate an open and accessible learning environment. They will train and oversee lab assistants who directly interact with the users of the lab.


Provide and maintain a safe working environment for users of the lab.

Supervise and enforce policies for use of the making facilities by users.

Support and maintain multiple digital fabrication related services, with focus on analog and digital machining including CNC routing and milling, within the facilities.

Lead internal maintenance and/or arrange for third party maintenance of machines/facilities.

Organize software & hardware updates as needed.

Organize equipment use demonstrations and orientations for users, including scheduling,

maintaining public calendars, and tracking attendance.

Support learning objectives during facility open working hours.

Oversee updating of lab websites.

Train and oversee lab assistants and interns.

Create clear, accurate, user-friendly documentation and instructions for all equipment/processes.

Provide technology support for 3H Space technology initiatives and events as they arise.

Assist with inventory oversight and ordering of materials and supplies.

Maintain an accurate inventory and scheduling system (Web Checkout) for lab reservations

Minimum Qualifications:

Masters degree or Bachelor’s degree with significant experience in a related field.

Flexible schedule with ability to work nights and weekends.

Robust knowledge of a variety of production and fabrication techniques; be familiar with practices related to current design and art practice including: fabrication, methodology and processes; experience and knowledge of working with a wide variety of materials.

Strong ability to assist users working in an interdisciplinary manner from concept to fabrication.

Strong knowledge of CAD/CAM modeling/machining languages and software.

Significant experience with digital fabrication tools including CNC routers/mills, laser cutters, and 3D printers.

Experience with 2D/3D modeling tools including Wacom tablets and 3D scanners.

Experience with 3D printing protocols, output, setup and maintenance.

Fluent with 2D and 3D modeling software such as Rhino, Solidworks, Maya, Fusion360, AutoCAD

Proficiency with Adobe Suite, especially Illustrator

Experience with mesh repair, render tools and other finishing processes a plus.

Ability to develop and nurture individual user’s abilities and a strong commitment to progressive art and design education.

An interest in working collaboratively within 3H Space, and with external partners towards the development of shared projects and initiatives.

Candidate must have excellent oral and written skills, communication skills, and must be able to work both independently and collectively.

Highly organized with excellent customer service skills as well as clear written and verbal communication.

A desire to learn new skills and processes related to 3H Space Prototyping and Fabrication initiatives.


Commensurate with qualifications and experience

Please send CV and Cover letter with two references to: careers@3hspace.com


Application Deadline: December 14, 2018

Selected candidate must be ready to assume duties from January 02, 2019

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