Water and Sewerage Company Inc. – Electrical Technicians deadline for submission of applications is Monday October 19th, 2020

Water and Sewerage Company Inc. - Electrical Technicians
JOB TITLE: Electrical Technicians
DEPARTMENT: Support Services
REPORTS TO: Electrical Supervisor
Position Objective:
To preserve the condition and repairing of electrical and electronic equipment checking their wear and tear from time to time and maintain the efficiency of the electrical equipment throughout the organization without any interruption of the work procedure.
  • Install, maintain and repair electrical control, wiring and lighting systems;
  • Assist in the developing of routine maintenance schedules for all electro-mechanical plant;
  • Assist in keeping accurate records on the installation, operation and maintenance of electromechanical equipment;
  • Perform general electrical maintenance;
  • Adherence to all established codes and specifications for the installation of all electromechanical plant and electrical installations;
  • Adherence to work processes and Health and Safety standards;
  • Troubleshoot electrical issues using appropriate testing devices;
  • Inspect transformers, circuit breakers and other electrical components;
  • Assist in the preparation of annual work plan;
  • Assist in the preparation of all reports and unit’s annual budget;

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Good communication and reading skills;
  • An aptitude for Mathematics;
  • Ability to plan and organize;
  • Willingness to keep up with new developments in the field;
  • Mechanical ability, strength and manual dexterity;
  • Ability to distinguish colors as well as to work with color coded wiring;
  • Ability to get along well with co-workers.
  • Ability to work with motors, pumps and other electric and electromechanical equipment.
Qualifications & Experience:
  • Associate Degree in Electrical Installation from SALCC or other recognized institution.
  • Valid wireman license.
  • Minimum of five (5) years relevant work experience.
The deadline for submission of applications is Monday October 19th, 2020 and should be addressed to:
Human Resource Manager
Water and Sewerage Company Inc.
L’Anse Road
P O Box 1481, Castries
Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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