Vieux Fort South Constituency Council – Foremen Deadline for submission: November 30, 2020

Vieux Fort South Constituency Council - Foremen
The Vieux Fort South Constituency Council invites suitably qualified persons from the community of Vieux Fort South and Environs to apply for the vacant position of FOREMEN
Cover letters and CV’s can be emailed to or can also be hand delivered to the Council’s administrative office at the Ministry of Equity, located on the 3rd Floor of the NIC Building, Vieux Fort
Deadline for submission: November 30, 2020

Job Description
POST TITLE : Foreman
REPORTS TO : Supervisor
SUPERVISES : Sanitation Workers
CLASSIFICATION : Daily Paid/non-pensionable
1. Work under the direction and reports to the Supervisor
2. Responsible for carrying out specific duties and tasks of the Council as assigned by the Constituency Clerk
3. Required to respond whenever necessary to the Town Clerk on matters related to work activities
4. in the absence of the Constituency Council Clerk, he/She shall be responsible to the Assistant Clerk or any other person appointed to serve during the absence of the Constituency Council Clerk

1. Supervise employees of the Council assigned to him /her for the performance of specific daily tasks or duties
2. Ensure the employees under his/her supervision adhere to hours of work and are on duty at all times
3. Ensure that employees assigned to his / her work team adhere to all Health and Safety Producers as detailed in the Health and Safety Policy of the Council
4. Maintain a time book supplied by the Council to record the time that employees report to and depart from work on a daily basis as well as other records or transactions relevant to the performance of his/her duties as foreman

5. Reports to the Constituency Council Clerk at the completion of every day’s activities and plan for the following day. In instances where s/he cannot report in the afternoon it shall be his/her duty to report by the following morning.
6. Ensure that work assigned to and performed by employees under his/her supervision is completed satisfactorily and is of high standard
7. Responsible for the Council’s tools and equipment assigned to his/her work team and ensure that employees use tools as required and that all the Council’s tools and equipment assigned to his/her team are accounted fro at the end of each day and are secured at the Council’s storeroom
8. Attend meetings or discussions in relation to the business of the Council when required to do so
9. Perform any other related duties or tasks as assigned by the Town Clerk for the general maintenance and well being of the Town.

1. The stipulated time for work is from 7:00 am – 3:00pm and may vary from time to time as assigned by Supervisor or Constituency Council Clerk but will be no less than forty (40) hours per week
2. All necessary tools and equipment will be provided for the effective execution of duties and tasks
3. Institutional support is provided through appropriate Public Service Regulations and Council Guidelines
4. Opportunities exist for personal development through orientation and training
5. Wages and allowances are in accordance with the terms stipulated by Government in the Estimate of Expenditure / Trade Union Agreement

Work performance will be evaluated on the basis of the following:
1. Timely completion of assignments
2. Report quality as reflected by their clarity and accuracy
3. Work relationship with the employees of the Council, cordial relationship with the general public and comportment in a manner befitting the office of foreman of the Council
4. Compliance with Council Guidelines and Standard Operation Procedures
5. Effective implementation of duties, responsibilities and task as defined in the job description

1. Skill and knowledge of the general sanitary upkeep of the environment
2. Ability to read and write English and speak Creole fluently
3. Professional understanding of community welfare, a recognized leader, dedicated to the highest quality of customer service
4. Must be with the age range of thirty –five (35) to forty-five (45)

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