Vacancy – Regional Security Officer Deadline for receipt of applications is January 31st 2020

Vacancy - Regional Security Officer
Company seeking Regional Security Officer
The Regional Security Officer (RSO) provides the vision and strategies necessary to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Company Operations by communicating risk to Senior Management, creating and maintaining enforceable policies and supporting processes, and ensuring compliance with Policies and Procedures.
The RSO advises on the procurement of related products and provide training regarding security awareness. Additionally, the RSO ensures a Companywide systems are in place for incident response.
Directs an ongoing, proactive risk assessment program for all new and existing systems and remains familiar with the Company’s goals and business processes so effective controls can be put in place for those areas presenting the greatest security risk.
Communicates risks and recommendations to mitigate risks to the Senior Management by communicating in non-technical, cost/benefit terms and in a format relevant to Senior Management so decisions can be made to ensure the security of all employees and assets.
Oversees all ongoing activities related to the development, implementation, and maintenance of the Company’s Security policies and procedures by ensuring these policies and procedures encompass the overall security of Business interest and assisting departments in local process and procedure development, ensuring they are not in conflict with the company’s policies.
  • Minimum BA, graduate degree preferred dealing in areas of intelligence, information technology, criminal justice, security, political risk, and finance/economics.
  • Demonstrates the ability of being a self-starter and resourcefulness, with experience of operating in fast paced and dynamic operational settings.
  • Demonstrates examples of innovation or continuous improvement in risk, intelligence or corporate security and investigative services area.
  • Broad professional experience, including prior corporate work experience/travel or experience working as part of a regional diverse team is an advantage.
  • Over 5 years experience in law enforcement.
  • Excellent communication, negotiation and presentation skills.
  • Self-motivated with the ability and maturity to make decisions in the absence of detailed instructions.
Please send applications:
Deadline for receipt of applications is January 31st 2020

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