Vacancy – Insurance Salesman

Vacancy - Insurance Salesman
Insurance Salesman
The successful candidate MUST:
  • Have a POSITIVE Attitude.
  • Be a TEAM player.
  • Speak and write in fluent English with PERFECT diction and grammar.
  • Have a comprehensive aptitude and knowledge of the insurance environment.
  • Be able to deliver exceptional customer service throughout the entire sales and administrative process.
  • Be able to influence decision makers at the highest levels in a client organization.
  • Be able to obtain and analyze information to support sales activities.
  • Be able to use information to make effective sales decisions.
  • Be able to drive, implement and assist in the execution of sales & marketing strategy.
  • Be able to develop relationship management strategies.
  • Be able to analyze and report on the current trends in the market and the industry.
  • Be detailed and result oriented.
  • Be able to work under considerable pressure.
Please feel free to contact us at:
Cell +1 (758) 284-9642
Landline: 758-452-9642 / 758-4519642

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