Ti Kaye Resort & Spa – Certified Electrician

Ti Kaye Resort & Spa - Certified Electrician

Ti Kaye Resort & Spa currently has a vacancy for a Certified Electrician
Please send your application with a cover letter to careers@tikaye.com

Main Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Ensure that all electrical appliances throughout the resort (including in guest rooms) are in working order and are safe to use in accordance with IEEE regulations
  • Troubleshoot electrical circuit / equipment problems and repair in an efficient and timely manner, and in accordance with IEEE regulations
  • Assist with fully diagnosing and repairing all resort electric motors (including replacing bearings)
  • Evaluate electrical diagrams, inspect wiring and put forward any necessary recommendations
  • Fully understand, operate and maintain the resorts desalination plant including cleaning filters, monitoring and recording water quality
  • Training the Pool Technician to replace in-pool lights and fittings and work on pumps, in accordance with Health & Safety and IEEE regulations
  • Perform at least a weekly evening property walks and replace faulty bulbs. If a particular bulb keeps blowing, troubleshoot and / or replace fitting
  • Assisting other maintenance staff when help is needed

Additional Requirements:

  • Well groomed and maintain excellent hygiene;
  • Must be in good physical condition, required to lift up or pull heavy equipment;
  • Must have an Electrical Certificate
  • Must be able to provide excellent customer service to all resort’s guest at all times;
  • Must have basic computer skills for maintaining daily logs
  • Must have at least two years experience in a similar position

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