Ti Kaye Resort and Spa – General Maintenance Technician by Friday, July 13th, 2018.

Ti Kaye Resort and Spa - General Maintenance Technician

Ti Kaye Resort and Spa is currently seeking a Full Time General Maintenance Technician (Electrician)to join the resort’s maintenance team .
Position Summary: This role requires the successful applicant to assist with the general maintenance of Ti Kaye Resort & Spa’s plant, equipment, buildings, appliances etc. Work individually, and with maintenance team to install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair resort assets including electrical and plumbing with a focus on guest rooms, public areas, food and beverage equipment, electrical distribution panels, desalination, sewage and pool equipment. You may also be required to assist with other areas of resort maintenance to help maintain the smooth operation of the resorts desalination plant and systems.

Main Responsibilities/ Duties:

  • Ensure that all electrical appliances throughout the resort (including in guest rooms) are in working order and are safe to use in accordance with IEEE regulations
  • Troubleshoot electrical circuit / equipment problems and repair in an efficient and timely manner, and in accordance with IEEE regulations.
  • Maintaining water heaters (both solar and electric) on property.
  • Assist in maintaining UV systems and cleaning filters.
  • Cleaning of filters and reverse osmosis membranes at the Desalination plant.
  • Assist in disassembling, cleaning, repairing and reassembling of submersible and centrifugal pumps.
  • Maintenance of pool pumps.
  • Installation of pumps and associated equipment in general.
  • Repair and plumbing fixtures in rooms i.e. faucets, shower mixers, face basins, toilets, water heaters.
  • Replace bulbs and fixtures on property.
  • Replace faulty electrical cabling and associated fittings as required.
  • Attend to all guest issues and perform other duties as and when required.
All applications for this vacancy should be sent to careers@tikaye.com by Friday, July 13th, 2018.

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