Saint Lucia Tourism Authority – Chief Strategic Planning and Research Officer

Saint Lucia Tourism Authority – Chief Strategic Planning and Research Officer




Education: Masters Degree in Planning, Project Management, or relevant area. Professional qualification in Project Management would be an asset
Experience: Minimum of three years of experience in the tourism industry; minimum of two years experience in a supervisory position
Skills: High level computer skills, experienced in developing surveys, excellent analytical skills, good communication skills
Personal Qualities: Conscientious, highly organized


Reports to: Director of Strategic Planning and Research
Supervises: Research and Planning staff
Liaises with: Internally All Departments
Externally Members of the Private Sector, Public Sector agencies
Job Summary: Responsible for developing and overseeing the execution of the Industry and the Authority’s strategic planning and research and leading the strategy and research team
Research Techniques and Presentation
  • Develops research strategy, determining the types of research needed to provide intelligence that supports decision making for the Authority and its partners
  • Organizes data to allow for comparability and direct access for the Authority staff and stakeholders
  • Create reports, presentations and summary documents from third party research with a point of view and strategic perspective helpful to the Authority and its stakeholders
  • Collaborates with the Marketing staff to compile data that measures the effectiveness of marketing efforts and informs future the Authority marketing strategies
  • Maintains a database and a system of confidential and public research materials on tourism, travel, and economic activity relevant to the industry
  • Maintains an understanding of best practices for both quantitative and qualitative research with respect to economic impact evaluation and measurement of consumer visitation
Authority and Industry Support
  • Develops surveys that provide clear and meaningful consumer and industry insights to the Authority utilizing Survey Monkey or similar survey platform. Provides in-depth analysis and recommendations to the Authority teams based on survey results
  • Serves as internal consultant for all research needs from other departments, managing projects and verifying that items such as economic impact and visitation measurements are consistently measured across studies
  • Develops and executes on ideas for research programs that support the St. Lucia tourism industry and serves the industry by acting as a resource/subject matter expert for research studies and findings.
  • Develops tools to enable industry to access and utilize research
  • Assists the Director of Strategic Planning and Research in preparing long-term strategic plans and annual marketing plans
  • Provides timely and accurate data to inform the planning process
  • Participates in post-planning analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of strategic and marketing plans
  • Establishes annual performance objectives with staff; meets with them periodically to discuss their performance; counsels them on efficiencies in performance and guides them on improving performance, including recommending additional training
  • Conducts an annual appraisal of their performance
  • Coordinates the work of staff and reviews their work to ensure that it meets the Authority’s standards
  • Makes recommendations to management regarding salary increases, promotions and disciplinary action for employees supervised
  • Accepts other related duties as assigned from time to time
Applications should be submitted to and should reach the organization no later than August 31st, 2017

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