Peace Corps – Primary English Literacy Workshop Facilitator Deadline for receipt of Applications is December 4th, 2017

Peace Corps - Primary English Literacy Workshop Facilitator

The Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean (PCEC) is inviting suitably qualified individuals to apply for short-term position(s) as Primary English Literacy Facilitator(s) to coordinate and facilitate one three-day workshops for Volunteers and their Host Country National Counterpart Teachers on three of the four island nations at Post. In Grenada the workshop will be conducted from February 21-23, 2018 and in St. Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines, the workshops will be conducted from February 28 to march 2, 2018.
This vacancy is for one or more positions, based on need.
The workshop is designed to help Volunteers and their Counterpart Teachers:
  • Explore best practices that would help them respond to one or more of the goals and objectives specific to our project (Increase students’ Literacy skills, improve teaching skills, and improve school, family and community partnerships)
  • Improve their C0-teaching skills and recognize the benefits of building partnerships among them

General Duties and Responsibilities

In collaboration with the Director of Programming and Training (DPT), the Training Manager (TM), Peace Corps Volunteers, the Associate Peace Corps Director (APCD) on island (Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines) and other Literacy Trainers, you will design or redesign the workshop curriculum, session plans and activities, to meet the intended goals and objectives. You will take charge of the various aspects of the pre-workshop planning activities through home based assignments and direct communication with the volunteers and their counterpart teachers. You will implement the workshop using a wide range of interactive learning activities. You will also provide professional guidance and support to the Volunteers and their Counterpart Teachers before, during and after the workshop to ensure that the participants’ learning needs are met.

Desired Qualification, sills and Attitudes

Applicants must be motivated and enthusiastic about Literacy Education. They must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field to the position (Education, Literacy studies or Community Development), technical knowledge and 8 - 10 years of direct work experience in Literacy Education. Experience as a trainer of adults and the ability to mentor, coach and support Peace Corps volunteers and Counterpart Teachers and work within cross-cultural teams is strongly desired. The ability to train teachers to Co-Teach, design, co-ordinate, monitor and evaluate all components of a Literacy Workshop is a requirement. Strong organization and facilitation skills are necessary assets for the position.
Further information regarding the position can be obtained from:
The Human Resource Department via email:
Requirements for submitting an Application
To apply for the position, you must submit a Cover Letter and Your Resume.
Your Cover Letter must include your contact information (Email address, home phone, cell phone) and the island where you would be interested in conducting the workshop.
Your Resume must give detail about your professional and academic qualification, experience as a teacher/trainer of adults, organization and facilitation skills, technical knowledge and experience in Co-teaching and working in the field (education or literacy) as well as the ability to work within cross-cultural teams or experience working with, Host Country National Teachers, international organizations similar to Peace Corps with Volunteers and staff.
Submitting Your Application
Email with the Subject line: Application (and the name of the island for which you are applying to conduct the workshop) e.g. Application: St. Lucia
Please note that your application must have the correct subject line for your application to be considered for review.
Deadline for receipt of Applications is December 4th, 2017

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