Guardian Group – Life Insurance Sales Executive Deadline Saturday Jun 9, 2018

Guardian Group - Life Insurance Sales Executive

Opening Date for applications is: Saturday Jun 9, 2018 Closing Date for applications: Saturday August 4, 2018

The successful candidate must possess the following:

  • Must have a POSITIVE attitude
  • Must be a TEAM player
  • Must speak and write in English with PERFECT diction and grammar
  • Must have a comprehensive aptitude and knowledge of the insurance environment
  • Must be able to deliver exceptional customer service throughout the entire sales and administrative process
  • Must be able to influence decision makers at the highest levels in a client organisation
  • Must be able to obtain and analyse information to support sales activities
  • Must be able to use information to make effective sales decisions
  • Must be able to drive, implement and assist in the execution of sales & marketing strategy
  • Must be able to develop relationship management strategies
  • Must be able to analyse and report on the current trends in the market and the industry
  • Must be detail and result oriened
  • Must be able to work under considerable pressure

Qualifications and Experience

  • Previous experience in sales or in a sales-related area is an asset
  • Must possess strong presentation and communication skills
  • Must possess strong interpersonal skills
  • Must be proficient int he use of Microsoft programmes Power Point, Word, Outlook and Excel
Salary shall be commensurate with Qualifications and experience. Suitably qualified applicants are asked to submit their resume and the names of two referees to:
Physical delivery to:
Jeffrey & Jeffrey Ltd - Agents for Guardian Insurance Choc Estate Castries (Located at the General Insurance Office on the ground floor of the Audi Building)

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