Forklift Operator/Warehouse Assistant no later than August 5th, 2022.

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Job Title: Forklift Operator/Warehouse Assistant
Reports To: Warehouse Supervisor/Warehouse Manager
Primary Objective:
1. To operate forklift: used forklift to (a)shift (b) pack and (c) stock goods through premises, this includes Warehouse, Yard, and Ramp.
Qualification and Experience Required:
1. Holder of a valid driver’s license
2. Defensive driving certificate
3. Minimum 3 to 5 years forklift driving experience.
4. Two years knowledge of warehouse operation would be an asset
5. Secondary school education
6. CXC O’ Level passes in Mathematics and English.

Skills and Other Attributes Required: Good interpersonal skill, polite, patient, and friendly. Able to work flexible hours, under pressure (especially in peak periods), good customer service skills.
Summary of Major Duties:
1. Proper operating of forklift, when performing duties
a. All goods are packed in the areas speedily with no damages.
b. Move goods to processing or dispatch areas of the warehouse.
c. Load trucks ensuring loads are evenly and securely placed.
d. Ensure that all unnecessary attachments from pallets (i.e. hanging tapes, film wrap etc.) are taken off before storage
e. Move goods to processing or dispatch areas of the warehouse
f. Ensure goods are stored in the correct area of the warehouse so they may be easily located during picking process
g. Ensure that all open boxes are checked for correct contents and quantity before being safely resealed
h. Ensure that all goods are correctly stacked in their respective places for easy retrieval.
i. Ensure that goods are properly packed on pallets to prevent accidents etc.

j. Participate in the offloading of containers, inclusive of manual functions when forklift is not in immediate use.
2. Report to your supervisor any damage or broken items you may notice during your duty, or those items broken from you personally.
k. Assist in the Stock taking exercise when assigned
2. Work Environment, Health & Safety.
a. The work environment is kept within Company standards, sanitary and clean.
b. Documents and reports are systematically filed and are easily retrievable.
c. Health & Safety Standards are observed, and all related issues are promptly addressed.
3. Perform any other related duties as assigned by Management
To apply please submit your application to no later than August 5th, 2022.

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