Food Centre Ltd – Driver / Porter no later than October 15, 2018.

Food Centre Ltd – Driver / Porter
Primary Objectives:
Must fulfill delivery system that fully meets the requirements of customers within an assigned zone. Must assume equal responsibility for products in transit as it relates to care and presentation. Must off load products to customers after sale has been completed by sales rep. Must assume lead role in loading and offloading of products at warehouse facility. Must assist in merchandising of products at customers’ locations whiles sales person is performing his or her duties. Must be integrally involved in all promotional activity for company’s products as required.
Must have a valid driver’s license, endorsed to operate vehicles up to four ton. Must have at least five years driving experience with a minimum of three years in similar field. Must have an impeccable driving record. Must possess the ability to interact with customers and assist in selling activity as required
Summary of Major Duties:
  • Ensure there is no vehicular accident as result of negligence
  • Ensure there are no proven queries by outsiders of reckless driving.
  • Ensure there is care in handling company’s vehicles
  • Ensure there is speedy offloading of products after sale is closed.
  • Ensure products are merchandised and chillers are replenished upon visits to customer locations
  • Ensure tremendous care is exercised in handling products.
  • Must act on behalf of sales rep in his or her absence
If you are confident you have the skill and ability to meet the listed requirements above, please submit your completed application and resume to no later than October 15, 2018.
Subject: Driver / Porter Application
Only suitable candidates will be short listed and all short listed will be interviewed

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