CHI Shuttles – Social Media Expert Deadline for applications: September 07, 2018

CHI Shuttles - Social Media Expert
We're looking for a social media expert to facilitate our social media needs; create visibility, increase customer engagement and ultimately help us generate sales. Expectations:
  • This individual/company will be creative and well acquainted with all social media platforms so that they can lead us to use the ones most suitable for our business.
  • The suitable applicant will be in the field to gather their own content; videos, sound bites, photos etc. That would mean doing the tours and other events that we initiate
  • Most importantly the social media consultant will manage a social media budget and produce progress reports on a monthly basis
  1. Proven ability to use FB, Instagram, You Tube and other forums to increase visibility, sales and engagement
  2. Previous budget management experience and report writing
  3. A portfolio of clients which can be used as referrals
Important to note that this is a six month contract offer commencing October 2018 Interested individuals or companies can submit resumes/applications to Deadline for applications: September 07, 2018
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