Central Bakery Multiple Vacancies

Job vacancies

1. Purchasing Officer:

Job Description

The Purchasing Officer has the responsibility to procure the best materials/supplies at the best possible price.

Key Responsibilities:

Managing warehouse inventory, conferring with vendors to obtain product or service information, such as price, availability and delivery schedule. Maintaining manual or computerized procurement records, such as items or service purchased, costs, delivery, product quality or performance and inventories.

Ideal Candidate:

5 C.X.C. passes (including Math & English). Experience working in an administrative environment would be an asset. Good time management skills, strong negotiation and communication skills.

2. Baker:

Job Description:

The Baker has the responsibility for ensuring that mixing procedures are followed and that all baked goods are cooked to perfection before being sent out to customers.

Key Responsibilities:

Checking production schedules to determine variety and quantity of goods to bake, measuring and mixing ingredients into dough according to the specifications of the recipes, ensuring that all hygiene and safety standards conform to the Bureau of Standards and the Ministry of Health are always maintained.

Ideal Candidate:

A minimum of 5 C.X.C. passes, subjects including Mathematics and at least 2 years’ experience as a baker. Excellent knowledge of mixing procedures, ability to move from one task to another with minimal distraction, The ability to thrive under pressure, team player and good time-management skills.

3. Porter:

Job Description:

The Porter has the responsibility for ensuring that all deliveries are loaded or unloaded as required and for the general upkeep of the warehouse.

Key responsibilities:

Loading and unloading deliveries at the warehouse, parlor, liquor department or

As required by management, organizing storeroom/warehouse, assisting bakers

In the Production department.

Ideal Candidate:

Educated up to the secondary school level, good organization skills, time management skills, ability to lift items weighing up to 100 pounds.

Please email resume/application letter to amurbroise@yahoo.com or fill out an application for at our Head office, which is located at the corner of Peynier and Maryann steet.

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