WASCO – Southern Services Manager

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WASCO - Southern Services Manager
JOB TITLE: Southern Services Manager
REPORTS TO: General Manager
Position Objective:
Responsible and accountable for the planning, assigning, monitoring, coordinating and evaluating the work of WASCO’s services in the South to ensure that customers are provided with safe and reliable water supply, professional and technical staff support with efficiency and in accordance with the Company’s standards and regulations, and in a manner which protects and preserves the environment and public health.
  • Direct, and coordinate services, activities and operations of all facilities, equipment, and projects;
  • Ensures the development of a monthly maintenance work plan; schedule of work activities, projects, and programs.
  • Monitor and review products, methods and procedures;
  • Participate in the preparation and administration of the annual budget and develop short and long term financial strategies; prepare monthly Capital Improvement program and Maintenance budgets;
  • Implementation and administration of approved budget and when required, participate in the forecast of additional funds needed for staffing; equipment, materials, and supplies;
  • Serve as the principal spokesperson for the South; oversee public information and public education programs and coordinate media relations as directed;
  • Ensures the administration of personnel systems, engineering, maintenance and operation of WASCO’s Southern Services to ensure consistency with established objectives and policies are in compliance with all standards, rules, and regulations;
  • Communicates and interfaces with managers and supervisors in the conduct of duties;
  • Develops, recommends and implements procedures to increase productivity and efficiency of personnel;
  • Along with the technical team, ensures the efficiency of operations of all facilities in the South, the backflow cross/connection plan and water quality reports;
  • Oversee the dissemination, accountability and the proper stock level for equipment, materials, supplies, and vehicles;
  • Coordinates the modification and improvement of facilities and systems to increase efficiency while reducing operating cost;
  • Oversees loss control and prevention, safety programs and organizational training and cross training to increase technical ability and knowledge as a means of increasing productivity and improving performance;
  • Recommends and implements effective programs for enhancing the public image of the Southern Services;
  • Promotes a good public image of the department and Company;
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Modern management practices including finance, supervision and organizational development;
  • Managerial, leadership and interpersonal skills essential to demanding and visible activities in the South;
  • Fiscal management and decision making;
  • Principles, theories, and practices in modern administration, employee relations, and organizational management;
  • Principles, theories, and practices of advanced leadership;
  • Ensure timely and economic completion of projects and reports as required by the General Manager;
  • Communicate in a effective manner with the General Manager and all interest groups
  • Ability to organize, direct and implement a comprehensive water and wastewater system maintenance;
  • Excellent written, oral communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to build trust, credibility and effective working relationships with all levels of staff within the organization and with all stakeholders;
  • Ability to quickly organize and manage personnel and equipment resources in all situations.
  • Ability to work independently and to use good judgment in all situations.
  • Ability to identify equipment and personnel problems and to implement appropriate corrective action quickly and efficiently.
  • Ability to develop written standard operating procedures and guidelines for full implementation;
  • Ability to make management decisions quickly, appropriately and effectively.
  • Ability to create an organizational culture of respect among staff that values transparency, openness, personal and professional growth, honesty, teamwork and encourages self-motivation;
  • Ability to create a strong performance ethic and set strong ethical standards by assisting staff in accomplishing their goals while helping them to remain accountable for their work: Ability to encourage initiative, problem-solving, innovative goal-setting and out of the box thinking; assist staff to manage conflict and change;
  • Ability to utilize excellent judgment to evaluate and understand situations and make timely and effective decisions;
Qualifications & Experience:
Education: - An MBA in Business, Public Administration or related field plus 7 years of increasingly responsible professional management experience;
A Bachelors Degree in Business, Public Administration or related field plus 10 years of increasingly responsible professional management experience;
Project Management Certification would be an asset.
The deadline for submission of applications is November 29th, 2019 and should be addressed to:
Human Resource Manager
Water and Sewerage Company Inc.
L’Anse Road
P O Box 1481, Castries
Please note that only suitable applicants will be shortlisted and contacted.

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