Media Release: Ministry of Agriculture launches website

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by Anicia Antoine, Ministry of Agriculture


To improve support the nation’s farmers and the general public, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources, and Cooperatives recently revamped its website to create a digital experience designed with its customers in mind.

The goal of this redesign is to provide the agriculture community with easily-accessible support as its adapts farming operations to better provide for the nation and the world. The ministry’s most recent activities and statistics, as well as information on its state and sector strengths, are all featured on the newly-updated website. This includes a web-based version of the Ministry’s recently launched “IFarm” application, which provides information on crop production.

One of the main goals of rebranding, according to the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Natural Resources, and Cooperatives, Barrymore Felicien, is to appeal to the younger population.

“We saw with the old website, the colors and the depiction was not in line with the colors internationally known to be attributed to agriculture, so we came back with the colors. You would see green and yellow, which are the prominent agriculture colors internationally. So our website is more in line with what is known internationally. The improvements also aimed to make it more attractive and interactive,” he said.

The improved website, according to the Director of Agricultural Services, Dr. Auria King-Cenac, will promote efficiency by allowing clients to access a variety of services without having to physically visit the department.

“In many instances, persons import items and when they are detained they don’t understand why. So the website explains all of these things. Customers now have access to conditions for imports to facilitate the ease of doing business. We want that clients are able to have access at any given time with any questions.”

To access the Department of Agriculture’s new website, visit

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