MBC-REAL FM – Entertainment Host no later than the 11th February 2019

MBC-REAL FM - Entertainment Host
MBC-REAL FM is in search of an Entertainment Host to take the helm of one of our programs and be ingrained in the country’s activities, conversations, and social consciousness. Our ideal candidates would be able to prep and post for both social media and our website while adding their own flavor. We are looking for candidates who are capable of working in a creative, fun, and team oriented atmosphere. Responsibilities As a broadcast presenter, you’ll need to:
  • research topics and background information for items to be featured on the programme plan.
  • write and sometimes memorise scripts
  • liaise with other members of the production and technical teams
  • introduce and host programmes
  • interview guests in the studio, by telephone or on location
  • play music
  • read short news, traffic, sport or weather reports
  • provide links between programmes
  • read from a script or autocue, or improvise
  • keep the programme running to schedule, responding positively and quickly to problems or changes and improvising where necessary
Applications may be sent to hr@mbcslu.com no later than the 11th February 2019. Only suitably qualified applicants may be contacted for interview.

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