Diamonds International – Jeweler (Barbados)

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Diamonds International - Jeweler (Barbados)
Diamonds International, the leading loose Diamond Jeweler and Watch retailer in the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska is now recruiting a Jeweler to enhance their strong team for their operation in Barbados.
Diamonds International has been in operation for over 19 years with 15 stores across the island, with a track record for excellence in product and service.
Suitable candidates for this position will be required to meet the following criteria:
Jewelry repairers do intricate, precise, work with precious metals and gemstones to fix peices of jewelry. Their tasks include: resizing rings, soldering metals, setting gems, mending clasps and polishing.
Essential Functions
  1. Cuts and shapes metal in jewelry pieces, using cutting and carving tools
  2. Estimates wholesale and retail value of gemstones, following price guides and market fluctuations
  3. Grade stones for color, perfection and quality of cut
  4. Immerses gemstones in chemical solutions to determine specific gravity and key properties for identification and appraisal
  5. Examines gemstones in chemical solutions to determine specific gravity and key properties for identification and appraisal
  6. Examines gemstone surfaces and internal structure to evaluate genuineness, quality and value using polariscope, refractometer, and other optical instruments
  7. Pours molten metal into mold, or operates centrifugal casting machine, to cast article
  8. Forms sand or rubber mold from model for a casting article
  9. Places model in casting ring and pours plaster into ring to form old
  10. Forms model of article from wax or metal, using carving tools
  11. Repairs, reshapes and restyles jewelry by replacing broken parts or using hand tools and machines
  12. Tiles or twists fold or silver wires together and bends to form rings
  13. Immerses jewelry in cleaning solution or acid to remove stains or in a solution of golf or other metal to colour jewelry
  14. Smoothes, soldered joints into specified design, softens metals by heating with gas torch and shapes, using hammer and die
  15. The ability to set semi and precious stones
  1. Creative thinking
  2. Finger dexterity
  3. Near vision
  4. Arm-hand steadiness
  5. Manual dexterity
  6. Visualization
  7. Wrist-finger speed
  8. Visual colour Discrimination
  9. Control precision
  10. Flexible hours inclusive of weekends and bank holidays
  11. Ability to work independently without supervision, fast and accurately under pressure
Required Education and Experience
  • Minimum of Three (3) CXC inclusive of Mathematics and English
  • Minimum of Five (5) years of related experience
Please submit applications to
Only suitable applications will be acknowledged.

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