PRESS RELEASE: Young St. Lucian creates website to assist small business owners, skilled individuals and school graduates

By Nathan Jules

It is common knowledge that St. Lucia is home to a wide variety of skilled individuals, small businesses as well as school graduates willing and ready to give their all to employers in need of their skills and services.

One of the most common problems they face includes finding ways to get their name and skills out to the public for potential customers and employers to be able to find them without hurting their pockets.

This website offers just that to all its members at little cost to them.

For information please visit:

It offers a cheaper way of letting work find its members. No more going from place to place in order to spread the word about yourself/business. No more printing of countless applications which 99% of the time yield no results. No more struggling to make enough money for a majority of it to be spent on advertising and especially no more falling victim to people who come claiming to help but take more than they give.

The website functions as an online directory for individuals and business places so that anyone in need of their services can find them quickly. Employers would no longer be flooded with calls or applications, they would now be able to look through the vast number of members who would be on the website and contact persons who they believe is a best fit for their vacancy based on what is given on their page.

Everyday locals can now have options when they are in need of someone to perform tasks for them instead of being charged high prices for work that can be done cheaper by someone equally qualified.

The young entrepreneur has included a job pool into the website. This helps employers who do not have time to look through the group members one by one, post the tasks or vacancies which they need workers for and they would be sent a shortlist of individuals who are interested in performing those tasks or filling those vacancies within the set budget or pay that the employer has included.

Individuals in need of immediate assistance can use the live chat to contact the team behind the website and they would be sent the contact information of persons near them who could assist with their problem.

For example, you are going on a trip and get a flat tire in an unknown area and don’t have another, using the live chat the team can send you information of a used tire shop nearest the given location, which could transport the tire to you and you would pay the agreed price for the assistance.

Speaking of going on a trip, the website also has a section dedicated to excursions. This section can be used by both locals as well as tourists who are planning or currently on a trip on the island. They could go to the excursions section and click the given categories based on their needs then would have to choose from a list of well known towns which they would click based on their current location or planned destination.

The result would be a list of their chosen options which are in or near their chosen location or destination. This allows more businesses to be patronized by both locals and visitors instead of only a certain few which is what’s happening currently.

The mind behind this website aims to make it as easy as possible for individuals to create their own businesses as well as gain skills to make a living off of in these difficult times. To accomplish this, he is seeking larger companies who sell tools and material used by members of his website to come advertise on the website so members as well as the advertisers could benefit from it.

Persons who are most likely to purchase their products would be on the website so what better place to advertise? He is also looking into having both learning as well as financial institutions advertise on the website so people who are in need of funds or training in order to start or develop their business/ skill would no longer have to spend time searching for them.

Instead of just slapping a banner into random areas of the website, all advertisers would be categorized so their customers can find them. They can either submit a business poster which would lead to their website or they can have a page made for their company on the website. The cost of advertising on this website is quite reasonable. For more information interested persons can email:

To become a member visit: Members get their own pages dedicated to their skills, qualifications and small businesses. Pages would include images, videos, etc which give people visiting them a better idea of what the business/individual is capable of. All members are given the option of having a form on their page at no extra cost, this is to allow visitors to contact them while keeping their contact information private.

To get images on the pages such as profile pictures etc, members should contact our photographer by clicking this link: and entering the information into the form given.

Images should be clear and of a specific size, this helps the team create better pages and this is why they strongly recommend that members contact their photographer since he is a professional who would capture the individual’s business or skills in their best form.

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