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The Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations informs of the call for applications for the Organisation of American States (OAS) Academic Scholarships Programme 2019-2020. The OAS Academic Scholarships are awarded to citizens of the OAS member states undertaking undergraduate or graduate studies and/or graduate research leading to a degree at an accredited or recognised university or higher learning institution in an OAS member state, with the exception of the candidate’s sponsoring country.


Studies must be carried out on a full-time basis, and can be undertaken onsite, online, or a combination of both.  Studies may begin between August 2019 and April 2020. The OAS scholarship is awarded for a minimum period of one (1) academic year and a maximum period of two (2) academic years.  These scholarships are contingent upon:


the continued availability of OAS funds;

the good academic performance of the applicant during the first academic year; and

the confirmation by the academic institution that the renewal period for the second year is necessary to complete the programme of study for which the scholarship was initially awarded.



Types of Scholarship


Undergraduate Scholarships


Offered only to candidates from the English-speaking Caribbean member states and Suriname to carry out studies at a university of their choice, for the last two (2) academic years of the study leading to an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s degree).


To apply for an undergraduate scholarship, an applicant must be:


enrolled in the programme of study and be eligible to graduate within 2 academic years from the date of the scholarship offer, or

accepted into the university where he or she plans to study for the last two years of an undergraduate programme that leads to a Bachelor’s degree.  Admission letter must state that the applicant will complete the program of studies within 2 academic years

Graduate Scholarship


Offered to candidates from all OAS member states to carry out graduate studies in a university of their choice (Master’s or Doctoral degree)


To apply for a graduate scholarship, an applicant must:


have obtained a first university degree (Bachelor’s) by the time they submit their scholarship application

be enrolled in the program of study and have at least one academic year left from the date of the scholarship offer, or

be accepted into the university where he or she plans to study



Value/Benefits of the Scholarship


Scholarship award provides the following support:


OAS Scholarships have a monetary cap of US$10,000.00 per academic year.  The benefits vary and are assigned on a case-by-case basis, and may include:

Tuition and mandatory fees;

Medical insurance;

Monthly complementary subsistence allowance;

Round trip ticket; and

Yearly book allowance.

Please note that the selected candidates will be required to provide proof that they have additional funds




Eligibility Requirements


To be eligible for selection an applicant must:


be a citizen or permanent resident of Saint Lucia;

be in good physical and mental health to complete the programme successfully

possess the language competency to undertake studies in the language of the institution or country of study;

agree to the obligation to return and reside in the sponsoring country for a minimum period of no less than twenty-four (24) months after completing the programme of study covered by the OAS Scholarship.  Applicants for online studies must agree  to remain in the sponsoring country for the same period of time;

select an area of study listed on the “Government of Saint Lucia List of Priority Areas for National Training”, which can be accessed on the Government of Saint Lucia website.

be from a low income family/household (Financial Needs Form should be completed).



How to Apply


In addition to the Government of Saint Lucia Scholarship Application Form, all applicants must complete and submit a copy of the OAS online Scholarship Application Form to the HRD Unit. For further details about admission procedures, scholarship requirements and application process, please visit the following website http://www.oas.org/en/scholarships/specaf_2019.asp


The referenced application forms can be accessed via the links shown below:




Graduate Scholarships:






Undergraduate Scholarships:






Government Scholarship Application Form:





Where to Apply


Scholarships are tenable at academic institutions at any OAS member state including those participating in the OAS Consortium of Universities. Candidates must apply directly for admission to their desired programmes of study.  Additionally, candidates are strongly encouraged to apply to institutions participating in the OAS Consortium of Universities because of lower tuition rates negotiated with them. You may visit the following link for additional information: http://www.oas.org/en/scholarships/regularprogram/consortium.asp


If you require any further information, kindly contact the Human Resource Development (HRD) Unit of the Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations, 4th Floor, Francis Compton Building, The Waterfront, Castries at telephone numbers 468-5229/5230 or visit the Unit at the above stated address.


The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, May 21, 2019. Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered


Ministry:             Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development

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