Holidays in St. Lucia – A Caribbean Delight

This Caribbean island is a perfect holiday destination with its sunny beaches, water sports, coconut palms, golf courses, Caribbean culture, Caribbean dance, music and festivals and natural wonders

Situated along with a handful of other striking and picturesque islands in the Eastern Caribbean, lies the unique island of St. Lucia. With charming small towns, “drive through” volcano, stunning bays and beaches and rich plantations of bananas, you really can’t get enough of St. Lucia and its beauty.

Check out the ‘can’t-miss’ list of attractions and activities you can explore at the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is a beautiful and mysterious tourist attraction of this Caribbean island, with all sorts of relaxation and holiday features. Tourists and visitors on trip to St. Lucia often take a break by unwinding in the peaceful and not so crowded beaches of this island. The secluded Pigeon Island is a perfect way to enjoy your holiday in St. Lucia with no crowd around. The island is also home to the old, yet well preserved forts and barracks, used in the 1700s by the British. Many tourists and visitors prefer this island for its romantic and mysterious environment.

The Pitons

Pitons or the Peaks, Gros Piton and Petit Piton are among UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The twin peaks are another amazing tourist attraction worth visiting when on a trip to St. Lucia. You can always have adventure by climbing or trekking through one of these peaks. The climbing here may be a little exhausting but offers a view that makes it well worth it. Do not forget to take a water bottle and camera with you.

Ariel Shoot for the Soufriere Marine Managment Area

Marigot Bay

Marigot bay is known as the heaven of this Caribbean island, especially for those tourist and visitors who love to sail. This tourist attraction also pleases those looking for coconut palms, sandy beaches and some of the best eating joints. For those on a trip to St. Lucia with the family, this Bay acts as a perfect picnic destination. You can take fun rides on the yachts parked on the harbour.

13 Oct 2011 — A mud bath in Sulfur Springs Park. — Image by Β© Piotr Redlinski/Corbis

Sulphur Springs

This tourist attraction offers hot and steaming springs, often visited by tourist and visitors looking to capture something unusual in their trip to St. Lucia. The springs are also near the Diamond botanical gardens and Toraille waterfalls. For those looking for more than a hot bathsArticle Search, jungle biking at Anse Chastanet brings an adventure filled journey through orchids and French colonial ruins.

Best time to holiday in St. Lucia

This Caribbean island is an amazing holiday destination and the best time for a vacation at St. Lucia is from mid December to mid of April.

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