Vaughan A. Lewis Institute for Research and Innovation (VALIRI) – Research assistant (Public Health)

Vaughan A. Lewis Institute for Research and Innovation (VALIRI) - Research assistant (Public Health)
Vaughan A. Lewis Institute for Research and Innovation (VALIRI) In order to respond as a national tertiary institution, Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) must equip staff and, students with the appropriate research capacity. To achieve this objective, SALCC established VALIRI in 2016 and aims to create new knowledge and innovation for the sustainable, economic, and social development of Saint Lucia. VALIRI possesses as of 2018 specific scientific skills in Public health and is interested in investigating the Epidemiology of non-communicable diseases in particular cancer.
Sir Arthur Lewis Community College
Morne Fortune, Castries
Saint Lucia, W.I
Project description
DCAP Study
Cancer is a disease affecting a lot of Saint Lucians and causes many deaths every year. The diagnosis and treatment pathway for cancer is very complex and can be a challenging experience for both patients and physicians. Saint Lucia has a care delivery system with a portion of the tertiary cancer care services being offered abroad (e.g. radiotherapy) in various establishments. Therefore, there is quite a bit of heterogeneity in the diagnosis and treatment pathways and could possible influence patient outcomes.
We believe that improving cancer care in Saint Lucia we can reduce morbidity and the number of deaths. However, today, we have very little knowledge on the way cancer is diagnosed and treated in Saint Lucia in order to inform public health policy.
The Vaughan A. Lewis Institute for Research and Innovation (VALIRI) in collaboration with the OECS commission and Faces of Cancer Saint Lucia, is conducting a research project entitled “Description of Cancer Health Services: Diagnosis and Treatment Pathways” (DCAP Study) to better understand how cancer care is coordinated in Saint Lucia to provide key information for decision-making to encourage a better standard of care in the future.
Post description
The research assistant will be under the supervision of the principal investigator and will be in charge of coordinating the data collection for the DCAP study and ensure the smooth operation of the study protocol and action plan. The research will liaise closely with the investigation team monitor closely the progress of the study and will be expected to provide regular reports and attend meeting when necessary
Desired profile
  • CAPE certificate, Associates degree or equivalent bachelors degree in natural/social sciences, project management or relevant field or equivalent
  • Proficient in Microsoft office software package
  • Able to work independently
  • Intrinsically motivated
  • Ease for conversation and interacting with people
  • Rigour and great level of organisation in their work
  • Interest in public health or epidemiological research
  • Good command of the English language (written and spoken); B2 level recommended
Activities and responsibilities
  • Ensure the smooth operation of the study protocol and implementation plan
  • Optimise the communication between our partners and prospective participants
  • Procurement of materials and equipment for the study
  • Monitors closely the progress of the study and inclusion process
  • Responsible for the coordination of the data-collection process
  • Provides regular reports on the status of inclusions
  • Organise meetings with field investigator(s) and the entire team if necessary to solve minor issues
  • In charge of assembling progressively all information collected from field investigator /interviewer(s) (consent form, filled out questions and voice recording in Mp3 format).
  • Retrieval of source documents and completion/investigation of patient clinical/medical information
  • Conduct post-verification inclusions and quality control of collected data
  • In charge of data-entry, archiving study documents
  • If necessary will carry out interviews
Contract details
This is a paid full time temporary contract for 3-4 months, starting February 2020
Please contact Dr Aviane Auguste of further information regarding the project, and/or the missions and responsibilities of the post Aviane AUGUSTE:
How to apply
Please send a CV and motivational letter urgently to:
Dr Aviane AUGUSTE:
and cc: Dorothy Philip:
Candidate will be reviewed and selected following that date.

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