SKELLY CONSTRUCTION – Site Technician deadline for all applications are Friday March 13th, 2020

Site Technician
The Role: The aim of the Site Technician is to ensure that a number of tasks are carried out on site with regard to Safety, Environment and Efficiency, and to assist the Site Agent, Engineer and Foreman with the efficient and effective running of the site.
Key Responsibilities:
Liaise with the Foreman to complete staff wages in draft, and finalize with the Supervisor
Ensure all paperwork and posters are displayed on the site office wall and kept up to date
Ensure all written information relating to on site progress is given to head office
Ensure all reported near misses are recorded following procedure, and submitted to the Office Manager each week
Ensure all Safety and Environmental Statistics are recorded and sent to management monthly
Ensure current revisions of drawings are the ones being used on the site
Upload relevant site information, ensuring it is up to date
Maintain a site diary, site correspondence file and photographic record of the project
Produce and display a roles and responsibilities chart, establishing the responsibility for each role on site
Monitor plant and equipment
Produce a site register to record all items to be inspected and ensure they are regularly checked
Record the condition of plant arriving on site on a form with photographs
Check the weekly plant sheet against the actual plant on site and ensure any anomalies are resolved through communication with the Garage Manager
Associates Degree in Construction Engineering / Building Construction.
At least 8 years’ experience in this position or a similar position.
Have a valid driver’s license
Please send all CV’s to
deadline for all applications are Friday March 13th, 2020

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