Inclusion is Key for Fenty Beauty

Inclusion is Key for Fenty Beauty


NEW YORK, United States, Tuesday October 3, 2017
 – Rihanna has taken the makeup industry by storm with her Fenty Beauty line, specifically with her wide range of foundations.

Unlike most brands that launch with a select few shades and expand over the years, Rihanna has launched Fenty Beauty with 40 shades, ranging from the darkest brown to the palest shade.

Many people were skeptical about why she included such pale shades, but Rihanna – being the queen she is – thought of all her fans when developing the line. The palest shades were specifically designed with her albino fans in mind!

This did not mean that her chocolate fans were out of luck; on the contrary, Gabourey Sidibe gave her two cents on the Fenty Beauty foundations, saying “In case you’re wondering about #FentyBeauty on dark skin, issa YES for me dawg.”

Fenty Beauty also launched with 16 shades of highlighters, and any true makeup lover knows not just any highlighter works on all skin tones. From Match Stix highlighters, which all come with magnetic strips in them so that they can “click” together, to powder highlighters.

Despite just launching Fenty Beauty last month, Rihanna is scheduled to launch a holiday collection entitled “Galaxy Collection” on October 13. The Galaxy Collection includes an eyeshadow palette, eyeliners and lipstick shades.

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