Vacancy – Tour Guides Deadline to submit all applications is May 30, 2018

Vacancy - Tour Guides

Tour Guides

A startup Tour Agency/Operator in Castries is seeking to build a vibrant team of tour guiding staff members. As a startup, we are seeking committed, goal oriented and optimistic individuals determined to see the success of the business. The success of any enterprise depends upon its human resource, therefore only persons who meet the criteria and show a willingness to grow with the business will be selected for the team.

Skills and Qualities

Language & Verbal skills- Ability to speak freely and unabashedly. Has a good command of the English language. Moderately fluent in French creole (speaking and understanding). Ability to speak or willingness to learn basics in foreign languages (would be an asset).
People skills- Ability to connect with strangers easily and make them feel comfortable, and have fun. Not easily embarrassed. Can make light of an uncomfortable situation.
Good time management- Be productive and effective whilst having fun all within a time constraint without showing anxiety.
Knowledge- Comfortable with information about St. Lucia, its social, historical, political and economical landscape. Know the ins and outs of St. Lucia.
Good memory/ retention- Ability to mentally reproduce relevant information with ease at will.
Sales/ Promotion- Ability to market a service or sell a product by convincement. Inclination to market and represent St. Lucia at every opportunity, sharing facts. Persistent.
Critical thinking skills/ Intuitive- Keen on observing potential danger (protective), reading emotional cues and responding appropriately.
Socially aware- Unbiased, non-discriminatory or nonjudgmental, broadminded and respectful.
Dynamic personality- Extroverted and bold, not socially awkward or shy.
Enthusiastic- Ability to foster natural excitement irrespective of opposing internal or external factors.
Physical Fitness- High endurance or stamina. Able to stand or walk for long periods of time.


CXC/O’ Level: Five (5) CXC subjects inclusive of/ OR
Social Studies, History, French/ Spanish
A’ level/ Cape: History, Foreign Languages, Tourism (assets)
Experience and Requirements
  • At least one (1) year of work as a tour guide.
  • Previous work with tourists/foreigners in the hospitality industry-concierge work.
  • Owning a valid driver’s license would an asset (not mandatory)
  • Able to work flexible hours (quasi full time/ per required basis)

How to apply

Interested candidates can forward resumes inclusive of a cover letter, two references and a photo ID to Letters should addressed to the Human Resource Manager of Tour guide St. Lucia.
School leavers may also apply (training will be provided).
Deadline to submit all applications is May 30, 2018

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