St Jude Hospital Board engages with employees

by SJH

The Board of Directors of St Jude Hospital has begun a series of engagement sessions with the staff of the institution.

The initiative is a broad policy of the Board of Directors to engage and consult with members of staff with the aim to engender greater employee participation in decision-making, and also to boost staff morale.

These sessions with the nursing, management, medical, accounts, facilities, and administration departments, allow the Board to meet and engage with as many employees as possible. They began on Oct. 12, and are scheduled on a weekly basis culminating in mid-December.

Through those meetings, employees are provided with a forum to raise concerns, share ideas and offer possible solutions to some of the challenges facing their departments and the institution as a whole. The concerns raised by employees which are deemed to be serious and have merit are earmarked for action at Board and management levels.

The Board believes that such engagement and consultation meetings, in an open and free environment, will make the institution a better workplace for employees and contribute positively to overall patient care.

For its part, the Board is hoping, through those meetings, to gain a deeper understanding of some of the challenges facing the employees and St Jude Hospital to inform and guide its decisions as it seeks to make St Jude Hospital a true healthcare provider of excellence.

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