National Farmers and General Workers Cooperative Credit Union Society Limited – FIP Clerk

National Farmers and General Workers Cooperative Credit Union Society Limited - FIP Clerk
At the National Farmers and General Workers Cooperative Credit Union Society Limited seeks to recruit the following position as part of its team:
To be an active team member of the National Farmers and General Workers Co-operative Credit Union Society Limited family to ensure the mission, vision, objectives and goals of the Credit Union are achieved and or surpassed. To undertake the effective and efficient management of the Family Indemnity Plan (FIP) to ensure timely payment of premium and benefits.
  1. Promote the National Farmers’ and General Workers Co-operative Credit Limited to clients as a financial institution of choice.
  2. Ensure due diligence is taken in securing all cash in your care on behalf of the NFGWCCU.
  3. All information received is kept confidential. All information received or retrieved must be kept in confidence and all necessary precautions must be taken to ensure no information is passed on to unauthorized persons.
  4. Passwords provided are kept confidential and to report any suspected breach.
  5. Records are kept accurately at all times, guard against discrepancies and exercise prudence during customer service.
  6. Ensure all reports are submitted in a timely and presentable manner as prescribed.
  7. Prepare all relevant documents with accuracy
  8. Deployment will be based on the discretion of Management and will be required to report to either office when and if necessary with the instruction of Management or Supervisor
  1. Assist in promoting of NFGWCCU
  2. Promoting The Family Indemnity Plan
  3. Receives, verifies and sends out FIP enrollment form to CUNA
  4. Receives, verifies and sends out request for changes to FIP plan to CUNA;
  5. Inform member of FIP status when necessary;
  6. Monitor all FIP accounts to ensure they are updated to minimize cancellations;
  7. Ensure information contained within members FIP files are current and up to date;
  8. Ensure all FIP standing orders are in place as per plan selected by member;
  9. Submission of FIP Claim forms;
  10. Follow up on FIP Claim forms to ensure payments in a timely fashion;
  11. Liaise with CUNA as needed;
  12. Liaise with Member Service Representatives as needed;
  13. Create and maintain FIP files as per member with all correspondence about the member;
  14. Receives and sends out confirmation of FIP plan to members. Ensures that member signs the copy of the certificate to prove receipt;
  15. Notifies members when FIP premiums are delinquent . Ensures that a letter is issued and received by the member about this matter;
  16. Receives and sends out cancellation of FIP plan to members;
  17. Undergoes necessary transfers as per policies and procedures;
  18. Prepare monthly reports as per policy and procedures. Reviewing, adjusting and returning the bill with the proper premium payment;
  19. Submit monthly FIP payment and information to CUNA by the 14th of every month;
  20. Submits monthly report to CUNA via email;
  21. Undergoes reconciliation of all FIP accounts;
  22. Attends to member queries and concerns;
  23. Provides training to Member Services Representatives and other employees from time to time to allow them the skills to adequately deal with members;
  24. Maintain acceptable office ambience;
  25. Undertake cross-selling and upselling of NFGWCCU products and services
  26. Perform any other task or related duties assigned by the Supervisor or Management
  1. Associate Degree in Business Administration or Finance with at least three (2) years’ experience working in a related field.
  2. Knowledge of FIP and the general practice.
Salary shall be commensurate with the successful applicant’s qualification and experience.
Interested applicants should apply to:
The General Manager National Farmers and General Workers Co-operative Credit Union Society Ltd. Louisville Avenue, Off Clarke Street Vieux Fort Saint Lucia, W.I.
to reach no later than 28 September 2018.
Only suitable applications will be acknowledged.

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