IBS INC – Social Media/Marketing Assistant on or before Friday April 12th, 2019

IBS INC – Social Media/Marketing Assistant
We are currently seeking a dedicated and dynamic marketing assistant with experience in the following areas to expand our reach and generate engagement and leads.
Social Media Assistant Job Purpose:
Works closely with Business Unit Managers to create engaging content for a company's social media presence, including keeping social media channels updated and brand-focused, and seeking out new social media avenues and ways of connecting with diverse audiences.
Social Media Assistant Job Duties:
  • Excellent writing skills for blogs and social media engagement
  • Boosting posts on Facebook and targeting of Facebook groups
  • Facebook groups: joining our target audience, commenting, adding relevant posts
  • Partner outreach – agencies, blog, and video sharing – to co-brand current video blogs
  • Searching the web for influencers, podcasters and large audience holders on social media, create lists and contact them
  • Administratively organized – all leads into CRM
  • Manages company social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other relevant platforms
  • Presence on company sites, and encourages audience participation
  • Proposes new ideas and concepts for social media content
  • Works with other Business Units to coordinate ad campaigns with social media strategy
  • Writes and distributes e-newsletters to subscribers
  • Manages social media communications
Social Media
Assistant Skills and Qualifications:
Marketing or Social Media Marketing Degree Preferred, Technology Skills, Content Writing, Graphic Design, Campaign Execution, Teamwork, Self-Motivation, Strong Communication Skills, Networking, Idea Presentation, Proofreading, Strong Customer-Service Skills, Enthusiasm, Detail-Oriented, Collaboration
Marketing Assistant
Bonus skills:
  • Remarketing in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • WordPress
  • Running LinkedIn Sales Navigator and organizing leads
  • Graphic design and/or video editing
You must be a self-starter who is able to track the hours you are committing to work. This is a long-term opportunity for the right candidate. Please send resume and cover letter for consideration.
Applications with current resumé must be submitted on or before Friday April 12th, 2019 to: hr@ibsstlucia.com
Only suitable applicants will be acknowledged.

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