Saint Lucia Tourism Authority – Chief Corporate Officer

Saint Lucia Tourism Authority – Chief Corporate Officer



Education: Master’s Degree in Law or Business Management
Experience: Seven years of experience in a management level position. Specific legal experience, in particular contract law.
Skills: Knowledge of administrative practices, including accounting, human resource management and IT services, excellent interpersonal skills, and excellent communication skills, both oral and written
Personal Qualities: Conscientious, highly organized, decisive


Reports to: CEO/Board of Directors
Supervises: IT and Human Resources and Administration
Liaises with: Internally Board of Directors, CEO, all Departments
Externally Public and private sector officials


Job Summary: Serving as the Secretary to the Board of Directors, and responsible for overseeing the effective administration of corporate services, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and policies and safe custody of official documents
Compliance with Legal Requirements
  • Advises the Council and management on issues related to compliance with relevant legal requirements
  • Ensures all proposed agreements are properly reviewed and advises management of any legal concerns raised
  • Recommends legal matters to be referred to outside counsel and follows up to ensure prompt and competent service by outside counsel

Oversight of Information Services

  • Ensures the development and management of efficient and effective information systems and technology to support the Authority’s business requirements
  • Remains informed about developments in the area of information services and makes effective recommendations to management regarding plans to upgrade the Authority’s computerised systems

Human Resource Management

  • Ensures that the Authority has a full complement of qualified employees to enable it to perform effectively
  • Ensures that personnel policies and procedures are in effect and properly implemented
  • Ensures that personnel actions undertaken pursuant to the Authority’s policies and procedures are in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements and the Labour Laws of St. Lucia
  • Ensures the proper implementation of all compensation-related activities, including salary and wage adjustments, administration of benefits and use of leave
  • Ensures the performance management system is properly implemented
  • Ensures the preparation of an annual training plan that meets the present and future needs of the Authority
  • Advises management on issues related to career planning and succession management
  • Advises management on the appropriateness of proposed disciplinary action
  • Develops recommendations for issues arising out of collective bargaining
  • Leads the Authority’s negotiating team in the collective bargaining process


  • Ensures the smooth operation of the Administration section
  • Monitors the effectiveness of contracted service providers and suppliers

Corporate Secretary

  • Maintains custody and control of the corporate seal and relevant documents, including leases, contracts and insurance policies
  • Maintains custody of all legal agreements
  • Prepares and maintains custody of minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and its subcommittees


  • Analyses the delivery of corporate services to determine where efficiencies can be obtained and makes appropriate recommendations for changes
  • Prepares periodic statistical reports for management regarding corporate services
  • Develops the annual budget for corporate services
  • Participates in strategic planning and in other committees, task forces and projects, as assigned


  • Establishes annual performance objectives with staff; meets with them periodically to discuss their performance; counsels them on efficiencies in performance and guides them on improving performance, including recommending additional training
  • Conducts an annual appraisal of staff performance
  • Coordinates the work of staff and reviews their work to ensure that it meets the Port Authority’s standards
  • Makes recommendations to the CEO regarding salary increases, promotions and disciplinary action for employees supervised


  • Accepts other related duties as assigned from time to time
Applications should be submitted to and should reach the organization no later than August 31st, 2017

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