Redz Bodyworkin Garage – Mechanic (Part-time)

Redz Bodyworkin Garage – Mechanic (Part-time)

Part time mechanic needed

Abilities :
  • to be able to be on call when needed.
  • to do work to satisfactorily and honestly.
  • to be able to present a full evaluation and report on mechanical problems on all types of vehicles
  • to be able to work within a team/family environment
  • to be able to be respectful at ALL TIMES towards co-workers and owner. • to be able to represent the garage at any given time on Quotations •to be able to be PUNCTUAL AT ALL TIMES.


  • MUST have at least 2-5 years of experience in mechanical work more years would be more exceptional.
Please provide references on your CV when sending it via email:
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