Junior Florist deadline: Monday, March 13th, 2023.

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Junior Florist Job Description

Job summary
You will be responsible for the creation and assembly of retail and wholesale products according to design and specification. The role is accountable for co-managing all aspects of the production department. Executing effective use of human and production resources is essential for timely completion of orders, in an organized, efficient and economical manner.

1. Production Systems
- Exhibit a working knowledge of all orders received including the nature, specifications and anticipated delivery times.
- Ensure that a maximum of 25 minutes per order from preparation to completion is maintained on average.
- Ensure all orders are accompanied by a Work Ticket, upon completion.
- Perform all assigned floral designs duties in a creative and productive manner. - Maintain working knowledge of order processing routines.
- Ensure that orders are produced to specification and in a timely fashion.
- Observe and learn from seniors florist.
- Ensure the effective and efficient monitoring of production orders through the - Visual Ticket POS Production Tracking Module.
2. Sales Systems
- Ensure updates on sales production is updated via Visual Ticket.
- Communicate with General Manager and Customer Service personnel on status of orders that may not be met in a timely basis.
3. Inventory Systems
- Plan and requisition inventory needs to meet production and sales requirements.
- Maintain a closing stock record of flowers.
- Record all damaged products and materials in record log book.
- Assist with internal stock logistics between storage, production and sales areas.
- Document and confirm spoilage and damage reports for Manager, to sign off on record.
- Coordinate product/foliage needs with Operations Manager.
- Handle delicate floral items and supplies with care to preserve quality during production process, to cold room.
4. Delivery System
- Ensure that completed orders are properly stored for inspection to promote quality consistency.
- Coordinate with the delivery department to facilitate timely deliveries.
- Ensure timely completion of orders at least 25 minutes before delivery time

5. Administrative system
- Maintain a clean, well organized work environment.
- Weekly washing of all aprons and towels sterilization of work equipment.
- Responsible for the cleanliness of the production area.
- Prepare a weekly report highlighting production challenges and suggestions to increase efficiency.
- Conduct daily briefings concerning preparations for future orders of supplies, flowers and foliage.
- Ensure all cut flowers are always placed in fresh water at all times.
- Manage assigned business email account and promptly confirm receipt of all communications.
- File all production related documents.
6. Quality Systems
- Be proactive and conduct a needs assessment on a per order basis.
- Participate as an effective team member to contribute to problem solving with team members across departments.
- Participate and contribute to all in house training programs.
- Come up with new designs for approval.
- Participating in weekly briefing sessions with colleagues and management every Monday morning.
- Participate in the coordination of production goals of the organization.
- Ensure floral and foliage quality standards are upheld through systematic spot checks.
- Keep in tune with current knowledge of design trends as depicted in trade publications, magazines, seminars, and in house training and online (Social Media, YouTube)

- Minimum CXC passes including Mathematics, English Language, and other business related subjects.
- Must be computer literate with Microsoft Office skills.
- Minimum of one (1) year work experience.
- Artistic or design background essential.
Please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Application deadline: Monday, March 13th, 2023. Please submit resume to: creativejobs758@gmail.com. The email subject should read “Junior Florist Position”.

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