Jade Mountain Resort – Waiter/Waitress before April 27, 2018

Jade Mountain Resort, a leading resort on Saint Lucia is seeking for a talented individual who has an impassioned interest in quality food service, the hospitality industry and the latest customer service trends to work as a Waiter/Waitress in our Jade Club restaurant.
The successful must be an experienced waiter/waitress who works hard to cultivate a high profile with guests and possesses a strong understanding of luxury quality standards and service attitude. He/she must play a major role in the overall restaurant’s service picture and must be organized, able to think and act quickly and effectively whilst retaining self-composure.


  • Take pride in his/her personal appearance; maintain a professional demeanor and solid knowledge of the restaurant operations.
  • Communicate with guests using clear and enthusiastic words, tone and body language at all times. Make guests feel appreciated through your actions.
  • Acknowledge guests at any interaction by using eye contact always displaying a “can do” attitude, and a respective greeting.
  • Anticipate guest needs! Be attentive and alert.
  • Work as a team with all Jade Club team members in order to maintain an effective atmosphere and an efficient food and beverage service.


  • Proven restaurant serving or waiting experience
  • Customer-Oriented approach and patience
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Hands on experience in cashier duties
  • Responsible and trustworthy
  • Attention to cleanliness and safety
  • Highs school diploma; food safety training would be an asset.
Interested persons should apply before April 27, 2018 to: vacancy@ansechastanet.co