District Two Schools observe Mathematics Month

by Ministry of Education

Education District Two is taking an aggressive approach to awaken students’ passions and interests in the subject area of Mathematics.

Students of the education district were granted the opportunity to test their numeracy and problem-solving skills at a Mathematics competition held recently. The Mathematics competition was held under the theme, “Mathematics to Stay Alive.”

District Two Mathematics Coordinator for primary schools, Stacey George-Charles said the activity is very important as it helps to increase motivation and interest in Mathematics among students.

“We have been having Mathematics Jeopardy for the primary and secondary schools as part of Mathematics Month. For the primary, it is grades three and five, and the children are showing what they have learnt through the exercise. For the grade three, we tested them on the grade two syllabus since they just entered the grade three classrooms, and for the grade five we tested them on the grade four syllabus, which they did last year. So, we want to see what they remember of what they were taught, and to bring awareness of Mathematics to other students at the schools,” said Mrs Charles.

She also expressed the hope the Mathematics competition will awaken a desire in students from the other school districts to learn Mathematics in a fun way.

“We would like this type of activity to be embraced at all schools, because with this the children are getting more interested in the subject, and of course, to raise an awareness of Mathematics and in doing that we hope to raise the level of performance in our district,” said the Mathematics coordinator.

The winners of the Mathematics competition are as follows:

For Grades Three: First place went to Vide Bouteille Primary, while Anglican Primary came in second and Carmen Renee Memorial in third.

For Grades Five: First place went to the Gordon and Walcott Methodist, second place to Camille Henry Memorial and third place went to Anglican Primary and Carmen Renee Memorial.

For Forms Three: First place went to Castries Comprehensive Secondary, while the St. Mary’s College came in second and Sir Ira Simmons Secondary in third.










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