Customer Service Representative deadline: Monday, March 13th, 2023.

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Customer Service Representative Job Description

Job summary
You will be responsible for managing interaction between the companies existing, and potential customers through existing standards of procedure in a manner which reflects the company’s core values and customer satisfaction. Customer request and sales orders should be accurately documented and inputted in a clear, effective and efficient way, for output by the production and delivery departments, minimizing bottlenecks in order fulfillment.

1. Ordering Systems
- All customer orders should be duly filled and entered into the Visual Ticket POS system for production on a timely basis and in a manner to avoid confusion or bottlenecks in the production or delivery systems. Customers should be engaged in the prescribed manner as communicated via written sources by the company’s employee manual and scripts.
- Liaise closely with General Manager concerning special customers/accounts
- Manage online ordering and input into POS systems.

2. Sales Systems
- Manage customer credit accounts.
- Ensure that all credit customers pay in a timely fashion without exception.
- Verify all work tickets ensuring the full sales, production and delivery processes.
- Remain familiar with company catalogs in an effort to encourage sales.
- Reconcile collection of funds by the delivery personnel and update relevant customer accounts.
- Ensure proper reconciliation of sales and petty cash at end of day.
3. Inventory Systems
- Maintain knowledge of available stock items on a daily basis in order to meet customer demand through sales.
- Liaise with Florist and General Manager concerning inventory management.
4. Delivery System
- Ensure coordination between production and delivery departments to maximize efficiency for customer deliveries.
- Route and manage all incoming telephone calls and walk-in sales in a strategic manner to various departments within the organization.

5. Administrative system
- Maintain a clean, well organized work environment. Disinfect front office daily.
- Make an organization plan for executing your daily tasks, prioritizing tasks in a logical manner.
- Ensure neat organized storage of employee personal items.
- Perform daily, weekly review and filing of all documentation into their necessary files.
- Prepare a report on a weekly basis highlighting challenges and suggestions for alternative ways of increasing efficiency in the business.
- Maintain a pocket note pad at all time to keep records of all assigned duties, ensuring that all task are completed at the end of the work day
- Communicate all challenges that arise on a daily basis that may affect the end of day result.
- Conducting weekly meetings with all team members from all departments.
- Disseminate all messages to team members and ensure they are distributed in a timely manner verbally, in print or via email.
- Maintain awareness of the status of every order at all times, including satisfaction levels from the customer – with the use of the production and delivery tracking modules.
6. Quality Systems
- Provide quality customer service to all customers.
- Greet customers.
- Promote customers relations in a manner to maximize sales, cultivate customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business. Contribute effort to team problem solving.
- Participate and contribute to all in house training programs.
- Assist with timely maintenance of company website and fulfillment of social media orders.
- Coordinate and execute a sales plan for the store.
- Ensure actions are contributing to sales and quality assurance goals of the organization.
- Ensure quality standards are upheld through customer satisfaction, through complementary calls, courtesy calls and most importantly, satisfaction calls for the previous day’s customers.
- Keep in tune with current knowledge of design trends as depicted in trade publications, magazines, seminars, and in house training.

- Minimum CXC passes inclusive of Mathematics, English Language, and other business related subjects.
- Must be computer literate with advanced Microsoft Office skills.
- Minimum of one (1) year work experience in the field of Customer Service and/or Sales.
Please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Application deadline: Monday, March 13th, 2023.
Please submit resume to:
The email subject should read “ Customer Service Representative Position”.

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