Bartender/Gardener/Kitchen Porter before 28th September 2022.

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Vacancies exist for Bartender/Gardener/Kitchen Porter
East Winds is a luxury boutique hotel situated on La Brelotte Bay, St Lucia. We pride ourselves on friendly and discreet service and a safe and secure environment for our guests and staff.
As part of the East Winds family you will receive:
Competitive wages
Full time hours
Transportation to and from the resort
Shift meals

Our requirements:
Flexible Scheduling (days, evenings, overnights and weekends)
Great teamwork skills
Effective communication skills
Exceptional customer service skills
Great personality
Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
1. Prune trees and hedges in ways that help the plants' health, are safe and pleasing to the eye. Plant and transplant flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns
2. Taking care of the vegetable garden, managing weed control and leaf raking.
3. Maintaining lawn and grass areas using machinery and resort recommended fertilizers, raking and disposing of all cuttings when complete.
4. Utilizing the leaf blower in large areas to keep the pathways free and clear of all fallen petals and leaves.
5. Cut all overhanging branches and trim dead trees to avoid any safety hazards
Kitchen Porter
1. Ensure that all crockery, silverware, glassware and pots/pans, are sorted for loading into the dishwasher.
2. Ensure that all crockery, silverware, glassware and pots/pans are safely stored to prevent unnecessary breakage and possible hazard.
3. Carry out deep cleaning tasks (sweep/mob/scrub) and maintain the kitchen work areas in accordance with HACCP regulations. Ensure that soap dispensers are replenished regularly

4. Ensure regular record keeping in the HACCP Log.
5. Offload deliveries from suppliers ensuring that all goods received are of good quality.
1. Preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
2. Excellent knowledge of traditional drinks and the ability to be innovative
3. Recommend and prepare beverages for guests taking into consideration guest preferences and allergies
4. An excellent knowledge of mixing, garnishing and serving drinks
5. Must be organised with a good knowledge of alcohol pairing and managing inventory.
Please send your application and curriculum vitae to on or before 28th September 2022.

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