Published:           9/18/2018 11:17:26 AM


The Canadian Government is offering scholarships to Francophonie member states under the above-captioned programme to candidates desirous of pursuing studies at universities in Canada, commencing the academic year September 2018 in the following areas:




Science and Technology

Sustainable Development for the Environment

Scholarships will be awarded for the following levels:

Master’s Degree (2 years full-time)

Technical or Professional post-doctoral training, called in French Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées (DESS) scholarships at Universities/ Colleges in Canada  ( 1 year full-time)

Eligibility requirements

Applicants MUST be fluent in French Language; both written and spoken;

Applicants MUST possess a minimum  Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française (DELF) B1 certification;

Applicants for the Master’s Degree must possess a Bachelor’s Degree;

Applicants for Technical or Professional post-doctoral training/Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées (DESS) must have had a Ph.D. for at least five years, or have an invitation by a professor who has agreed to offer him/her a full‐time fellowship. The applicant must have been offered a post‐doctoral position in a French‐language Canadian university or an affiliated research institute of his/her choice; and

The area of study must be on the Government of Saint Lucia Approved List of Areas for National Training.

The scholarship will be granted for one (1) year and renewed on a yearly basis until completion of the programme of studies.  Additional information on the program and the 2018 campaign is available online in French at the following links:


Application procedure:



Information on the campaign 2019‐candidature


Information on the campaign in countries


Program website:


BCIE website :


Interested candidates are invited to collect the Government of Saint Lucia Scholarship Application Form from the Human Resource Development Unit, 4th Floor, Francis Compton Building, Waterfront, Castries, or contact the Department at telephone numbers 468-5229/5430/5230 for queries.  Please note that the Government of Saint Lucia Scholarship Application Form can also be accessed on the Government of Saint Lucia website:


Deadline date for the submission of application packages is Friday October 19, 2018.  Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted and deadline date for the submission of applications will not be extended.


Ministry:              Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development


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