PRESS RELEASE: 11 projects selected for INTERREG Caraïbes programme

The 2nd Selection Committee for the INTERREG Caribbean Program 2014-2020 has made public the list of the 11 projects eligible for European funding;

Many countries in the Caribbean will benefit from these projects, as follows :

1- TEECA : Set up a Trade Facilitation Team and improve knowledge on existing financing solutions in the Caribbean area in partnership with the OECS

2- PAIRE : Develop an action plan to facilitate cooperation between the Caribbean air transport operators in partnership with Antigua, Dominica, St Marteen and the Liat

3- OSAIN : To identify and promote the medicinal plants of the Caribbean in partnership with Belize, Cuba, Curaçao, Dominica and Puerto Rico

4- RECAVAC : Accompanying cocoa farmers in partnership with Haiti

5- RADAR : Installation of a weather radar with St Marteen

6- PREST : Creation of a geophysical observatory Earth / Sea in partnership with Haiti, Cuba and the University of the West Indies

7- CARIFORTS : Creation of a network of forts and fortifications of the Caribbean in partnership with Antigua, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, St Kitts, St Eustatius

8- CARI’MAM : Networking of marine protected areas dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals in the Greater Caribbean in partnership with Bonaire, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos

9- OSATOURC : Creation of an international network of popular and traditional music of the Caribbean, in partnership with Cuba, Dominica, St Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago

10- CARIBIX : Develop Internet exchange points in the Caribbean in partnership with

St Marteen, Trinidad

11- CAP 3D : 3D creative mobility project in partnership with the University of Trinidad & Tobago

The total budget of the Interreg Craibes Program 2014/2020 is € 85.7 million. The next selection committee will meet in September 2017 to study new projects

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