Caritas Antilles – PROGRAMME MANAGER – YEAC PHASE VII no later than 16th December 2018.

Caritas Antilles - PROGRAMME MANAGER - YEAC PHASE VII no later than 16th December 2018.
Caritas Antilles with support from USAID/OFDA and in partnership with Caritas Dominica, Caritas Grenada and St. Patrick Rangers, has implemented the Youth Emergency Action Committees (YEAC) project in vulnerable communities in Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Grenada.
This project is based and built upon the experiences and successes of the Community Risk Reduction through Youth Emergency Action Committees in Urban Neighbourhoods of Kingston, Jamaica project (YEAC, 2009-2011) formerly implemented by Catholic Relief Services. Project activities include the formation and strengthening of YEACs in highly vulnerable communities; engaging youth as leaders in a process of community risk reduction; training community members in Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation, and Management (DPMM); developing community hazard risk reduction plans and selecting, planning, and implementing hazard risk mitigation activities.

The current phase of the YEAC project is designed to strengthen the regional emergency response capacity and the network of Youth Emergency Action Committees (YEACs) in the Caribbean, by consolidating and reinforcing capacity building accomplished in previous phases and to create a regional emergency response network to ensure greater sustainability, and thoroughly document the experience so that others may also benefit from the work and replicate it as appropriate.
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Develop/plan/facilitate training programmes/workshops and assist in arranging workshops and seminars
  • Strengthen the structure and function of both new and existing local YEACs by supporting and guiding meetings
  • Ensure the high quality planning and implementation of project activities
  • Ensure the achievement of project performance and results indicators
  • Edit and submit clear, accurate, and timely Project Narratives per island by the 15th of the following month .
  • Compile Programme Narrative for four participating islands on a quarterly level.
  • Review and implement scheduled activities as per the project timetable and timelines in the monitoring matrix
  • Provide OFDA and Project donors with regular, clear, brief, and accurate updates as to the status and progress of the project
  • Review the work programme with the project manager and ensure all YEAC members are up to date with the work programme.
  • Undertake assigned activities that would seek to enhance the implementation of YEAC Programme
  • Expanding program offering and enhancing the quality of existing programs
  • Developing and implementing strategy for the program team
  • Understanding how different YEAC Project interlink and overlap
  • Working with the HR team to manage staff and resources for programs
  • Liaising with the marketing and communications team to increase awareness of programs
  • Managing budgets and reporting on fund allocation
  • Participating in tender and grant application process including design, submission and review
  • Gathering feedback and presenting insights
  • Reporting on Programme performance to Programme team
  • Identifying opportunities for continual improvement
  • Developing industry partnerships
  • Ensuring relevant standards, process and regulations are upheld

  • Job experience in management, project management, or community development,
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel
  • Proven experience working with youth, peace building, and/or, emergency management --- Knowledge of the monitoring, evaluation and reporting phases of grant management would be an asset;
  • Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge in formal and informal settings;
  • Ability to develop collaborative relationships with stakeholders;
  • Flexibility and openness to working on weekends and holidays
  • Must be flexible in the hours of work;
  • Open to travel between different communities and or countries
  • Business or Business Administration
  • Disaster Preparedness , Safety or Emergency Response background
  • Marketing experience
  • IT or Computer Science experience Key Working Relationships:
  • Caritas Regional Coordinator
  • YEAC Project Managers
  • YEAC Project volunteers and participants
  • Caritas Financial and Administrative Personnel
  • Caritas Finance officer
  • Community leaders and members within the project area
  • Project point persons from relevant government and non-government agencies such as NEMO, Red Cross, Saint Lucia Fire Service, Saint John’s Association, and school principals, CDEMA
If you are interested and meet the qualifications for the position, please send an email with your Cover Letter, and CV to Marcia Haywood, Caritas Antilles Regional Director at no later than 16th December 2018.

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