Vacancy – Security Officer

Vacancy - Security Officer

Short Term Security Position Looking for someone to fill a short term/part time private security position. The security staff is responsible for safety and security of the assigned facility or client.
Requirements and Qualifications:
  • At least two CXC passes
  • There are physical demands that are expected so one must be in good health or physical condition to withstand walking around, standing, climbing etc
  • Must possess core values of honesty,responsibility, respect and concern/care
  • For this specific job the employee must possess excellent communication skills and can adapt/blend in any environment
  • Observe, survey and report activities of assignment or assigned area
  • Able to maintain strict confidentiality
  • Must perform any and all security and observation duties requested.
  • Must pass screening process
  • Must be a mature individual
  • A drivers license and vehicle would be a plus
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  1. Nick G Williams

    Is there a sport for a security officer ?

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