Merchandiser no later than 18th March, 2022

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Primary Objectives:
Must ensure company’s products always maintain a strong presence and are strategically displayed with the requisite supporting material for enhancement of sales. Trade information needs to be communicated to key accounts sales representative in a timely manner. Must ensure products are always correctly priced. Must ensure there is consistent rotation of aged products.
Qualifications Required:
Mathematics and English Language CXC’s, alternately completion of secondary school education.

Summary of Major Duties:
1. Create effective store display
a. Products are placed at the appropriate shelf levels (where applicable at eye level shelves) with proper pricing placed visibly but not over the brand name.
b. The number of facings is optimized on the shelf in each product category.
c. All displays are strategically positioned by affixing signage to attract consumers’ attention.
d. All products are free from dust
2. Maximize in-store display space.
a. Additional shelf space is obtained and maintained, preventing the competition from dominating where possible.
b. Back store stock is brought out onto the shelf and rotating of aged stock, to maximize sales using first in first out method.
c. Monitoring close dated product and informing rep accordingly.
d. All expired and damaged products are pulled from the shelves and the appropriate procedures followed.
3. Transfer trade information in a timely manner.
a. There is communication with the rep on tasks accomplished, expired goods, slow moving items, fast moving items, etc.
b. Any competitive activity such as price changes, promotions, line extensions or new products, or new packaging is reported as necessary.

c. The rep is informed of any out-of-stock in the trade of our products.
d. The rep is informed of any changes in key personnel and/or system in the trade in a timely manner.
4. Participate in the preparation and execution of promotions.
a. Promotional materials are set up in the trade which will include things such as posters, shelf talkers, placement of entry boxes, creation of special displays and banding any special offers.
b. Assist in setting up and clearing up promotional locations
Perform any other related duties as assigned by the Supervisor
If you are confident, you have the ability or have the skill and impetus to meet the listed requirements above, please submit your completed application and resume to Subject must state Application for Merchandiser.
Only suitable candidates will be short listed and interviewed.
Applications with detailed resumes should be submitted no later than 18th March, 2022
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