Bay Gardens Resorts – Restaurants Supervisor no later than Friday 20th April 2018.

Bay Gardens Resorts - Restaurants Supervisor

Department: Food & Beverage
Job Title: Restaurant Supervisor
Reports To: Restaurant Manager and Food &Beverage Service Manager
Position Summary
To maintain company standards in all restaurants, supervise hostess, servers, and cashiers. To meet guests who patronize the restaurant and ensure they leave with a dining experience.
Duties And Responsibilities Include
  • Ensure standard operating manual is followed by all service personnel.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to waiters, hostess and cashiers.
  • Designate work station and responsibilities to all restaurant staff per shift.
  • Ensure restaurant is fully set prior to each meal period.
  • Ensure side stations are set up to par before service.
  • Check reservations for the meal period and assign tables wherever necessary.
  • Conduct daily shift briefings before each meal period and ensure all staff are knowledgeable of food menu, cocktail list and beverage list.
  • Lead by example on the floor in following all steps of service standards.
  • Ensure that grooming standards are maintained by all staff on duty.
  • Maintain log book to record any discrepancy, complaint handled and special events.
  • Liaise with the Chef in ensuring guests receive top priority service at all times and avoid delays.
  • Record any sick, absence, tardiness or disciplinary action in appropriate company record forms and submit to HR and Restaurant Manager on a daily basis.
  • Requisite of all supplies as per company standard on prescribed dates and ensure efficient usage.
  • Maintain monthly inventory of all operating supplies and report to the Restaurant Manager.
  • Conduct daily guest comment reviews for each meal period, highlight issues noticed by guest discuss during staff briefings and monitor progress/changes.
  • Monitor staff with challenges or corrective actions from evaluations and report to Restaurant Manager.
  • Conduct regular service standard training.
  • Liaise with housekeeping to ensure all public areas in the vicinity of the restaurant and the restaurant are kept in a neat and hygienic condition at all times.


  • Must be able to understand and communicate oral/written instructions in English.
  • Must possess the ability to plan, organize, supervise, inspect, and evaluate work of subordinates.


High school graduate or equivalent.
Prior experience in a professional Food & Beverage
Applications may be sent to no later than Friday 20th April 2018. Only suitably qualified applicants may be contacted for interview.